The Art Of Getting Dressed

The way we get dressed is such a personal thing. Unless you have to wear a uniform everyday, there’s an entire thought process that is choosing an outfit. Of course this process differs depending on the occasion (for example, you’ll probably spend more time on putting together a look for a wedding as opposed to what you’ll wear running errands on the weekend). But how exactly do we go about this? Have you ever really thought about it? Let’s go ahead and break down the art of getting dressed.

getting dressed

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What Won’t You Wear?

By this point in our lives, we have a pretty good idea of what we like and don’t like. Food, people, clothes…you’re never going to love everything/everyone and that’s okay. I despise pickles, not a fan of narcissism and I have a thing against strapless. See? It’s as simple as that.

So today, I thought it would be fun to play a little game called What Won’t You Wear? And by game I mean you just tell me in the comments the clothing / accessories you absolutely would not wear. Ready? Go.

animal print, street style

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Chi City’s Most Stylish: Matt Roan + Shannon O’Brien

This is definitely the most unique Chi City’s Most Stylish feature I’ve ever done because today, you get a two-fer. That’s right. With this couple being one of the most stylish in Chicago (if not, THE most stylish) this just had to happen.

 photo mattshannonintro.jpg

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Chi City’s Most Stylish: D. Graham Kostic

You know when you meet someone and everything they do makes you smile? Like they could just stand there and look angry, but you’d still be grinning uncontrollably? Well that’s how I feel about this guy….

(in a completely non-romantic way of course)

 photo intro.jpg

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What Why Where: Pilotto + Kane

I’m not one who enjoys matching, but when it comes to Peter Pilotto and Christopher Kane I couldn’t help myself.


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