Episode 28: Plus Size Style & Ignoring The Fashion Rules With Gabi Fresh

With the over saturated blogger market, it’s refreshing to see someone really stand out and do what they’re doing for a positive and encouraging reason…which is why I’m PUMPED to have OG fashion blogger (and one of the first plus size fashion bloggers EVER) — Gabi Gregg AKA Gabi Fresh — as my guest this week on Fashion Friends.

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Spring Trends? Google It

Typically, we get our trend reports from blogs, magazines, and the occasional figure-them-out-yourself via Style.com (RIP) but would you ever trust a search engine? Google knows what’s in and what’s out better than anyone else because it’s actually what people are searching…or not searching. So let’s see if any of these trends are in your search history…

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Life’s a Beach

You would think that because I’m a fashion blogger, I love shopping and I buy new stuff all the time, right? Well it’s partially true (sorry I’m such a cliché) but there’s certain wardrobe necessities that I never think to buy or upgrade. A few items that fall in that category would include socks, pajamas and today’s topic — swimwear…or anything that involves a beach or pool, really.

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