Throwback Thursday: Vogue

I hope you all enjoyed my first Throwback Thursday feature because the new CCF tradition is carrying on today. This time I decided not to do another designer but the most iconic fashion magazine instead (can’t you see I’m in the mag mood this week?) We all associate Vogue with Anna Wintour, but a lot was happening at the publication before her signature bob took over as EIC in 1988.

Let’s dig in.

 photo july1929.jpg

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Tales From Chi City Closet

In most interviews I’ve done, a common question I get asked is “what’s your favorite item in your closet?” Now, this is a tough one to answer. It could be something I wear the most, an item I stare at quite often but rarely wear, or even a piece with an interesting story. Although it’s difficult to pin-point just one item I love most, I tend to give answers that incorporate a story. It gives these possessions more depth and really shows people that fashion isn’t about having a bunch of designer stuff and showing it off. And that’s where we’re going in today’s post.


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Lollapalooza Weekend

I don’t like crowds, I don’t particularly love guys in tank tops yet for some reason I’ve always enjoyed going to Lollapalooza. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the perfect opportunity to judge people with no remorse or the fact that I can let out my inner hipster (which is more just like a fake hippy) but regardless of all that…I went…and it was awesome.

Things started off at the Gilt City rooftop party Saturday at EnV…

PhotobucketRooftops are the most valuable asset when it comes to Chicago summers. Remember that.

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Vintage Heaven December Sale

Always on the hunt for that perfect vintage piece? Still looking for a unique holiday gift? Then check out Vintage Heaven’s BIG December sale on the 10th & 11th.


Everyone can always use a little vintage in their life 🙂

Click here to visit the Vintage Heaven blog for more information.

Fashion Focus: Cirque Du Cite – A Circus of Fashion

Chicago Fashion Focus is now in full swing! One of the highlights of the week is Cirque Du Cite–A Circus of Fashion, which will include  Chicago based vintage brands including Deliciously Vintage, The Saint Cru Clothing Company, reFINDefined, and Lipstick Dinosaur.


The Cirque will include performances by musical artist RoyAl, Future Band and DJ Michael Lee. Entertainment acts will include ariel silks, burlesque dancers, and of course…a ringleader! The festivities start at 8pm this Saturday, October 22 and will take place at Tzar Lounge (215 W. Ontario). General admission is a suggested donation and can be purchased here. Enjoy the festivities!