Here Comes The Bride…

And let’s just hope she’s not a Bridezilla. As of this past weekend, I’m officially no longer a bridesmaid virgin (and I realize that probably doesn’t sound right but you get the picture). Prior to this journey (dare I use the word journey, Anna Wintour?) I had been to three weddings in my adult life, and I still don’t totally know all the protocol. There seems to be so many rules when it comes to attending and being in a wedding, but who came up with them in the first place? Like how did we even get here? Let’s investigate.

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Denim Days

I don’t know how it happened but it seems like a denim explosion is upon us. Not black denim, not white denim…just good old fashion blue jeans. When you think of the word, denim…what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Pants / jeans, right? (I’ll also accept the answer of Britney and Justin circa 2001). But there’s so much more to this classic material (that just so happens to be extra trendy right now) than a pair of pants…

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What Were They Thinking?

With today being the last day of Paris Fashion Week, which also marks the last day of fashion month, there’s a lot we can talk about — the best collections, how we wish Brasserie Chanel was a real restaurant, trends, beauty looks, etc. Today, I want to discuss street style. But not who was wearing what, or where you can get the look bur rather…what were they thinking?

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