The Evolution of Tech Accessories

Or as I like to call them “tech-cessories.”

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I got my very first cell phone in 2004, end of freshman year of high school. Now a days, this is pretty late in the game (I’ve seen 2 year olds who can maneuver an iPhone better than I can). My Nokia looked similar to the ones seen above, I had a monophonic ringtone, and eventually I got a light up phone case. This consisted of lights I place directly on the phone with a clear (mine was blue!) case over it. This pretty much rocked my world for the next few years…until flip phones came along.
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Then it was the start of phone charms…as well as designer/cell phone collaborations (re: the Dolce & Gabbana Razr, seen above). I eventually got a pink (okay, hot pink) Razr that I thought was the coolest thing ever. I actually kind of like the idea of cell phone charms because they’re an easy gift, and you don’t have to worry about whether someone has the iPhone 4S or the 5…because that could make or break your friendship with this person (if you don’t know what kind of phone they have, you can’t be a true friend).

Fast forward to 2013…we have some pretty cool iPhone cases. And I apologize if you don’t have an iPhone but I haven’t really come across many Samsung Galaxy accessories. One day, though.

So these [below] are the types of cases I would buy: a cool print, a witty statement or just something funny to look at. I think I got a pretty good round-up here of various iPhone 4 and 5 cases, as well as designers and price points. Any favorites?

But wait…there’s more (and this isn’t even an As Seen on TV commercial). So clearly as technology evolves, so do the accessories. We have some awesome cases, even some really amazing iPhone sleeves (which I do not recommend if you’re a chronic phone dropper) but now we have this 3D situation happening that really just blows my mind. I want to say it started with the bunny ears at fashion week a few years ago and in 2013, you’re able to dress your iPhone in a trench coat or even carry it as a handbag. These are what I like to call tech-cessories 2.0[13].

Fancy, huh? I guess it’s pretty nice that you don’t have to compromise on style to protect your precious iPhone. You can’t check Instagram [very well] on a cracked screen…and [more importantly] you won’t be able to fully take in the awesomeness that is ChiCityFashion. So use protection…buy a phone case.

If you can’t get enough, you can check out some more tech accessories here.

Images via The Atlantic & Mobiletypes

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  1. OOOOOOMG. I remember that D&G RAZR and needing it. If I remember correctly, it was at T-Mobile or something. Wasn’t at Cingular/AT&T who I had. I had the pink Razr, too and then had to get the black one of the day it came out. Holy Flashback.

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