Thanks a Ton

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. The one day where you can consume close to 3,000 calories (in one meal) and it’s completely acceptable. Where you feast at that awkward time that’s too late for lunch but way too early for dinner. And as much as you love pumpkin, you’re probably sick of it by the time you go to bed…but you’ll still get a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte in the AM.

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving.


You said it, Suitor.

This year I am hosting Thanksgiving. Yes, 24-year-old me is all grown up now and hosting the big day. Granted, I am not making the turkey (I’m not that responsible yet) but thanks to Pinterest, I am actually contributing to the meal this year. Strategically volunteering for the stuffing and cranberry sauce to avoid anything from a box or can, I’m pretty excited about what I’m bringing to the table. The most difficult part about making the stuffing? Not eating all the bread before I can cook it. Yes, I know it’s fairly stale but when it comes to carbs I’m hardly picky.

I must also thank Refinery29 for my snack contribution (sweet and salty almonds) and once again Pinterest for these Pumpkin muffins (which I made last night and they are divine).

Hope you have a fantastic and delicious Thanksgiving!

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