The New Ugly Christmas Sweater

I realize it’s barely Thanksgiving and I’m already talking Christmas, but let’s be honest…there were Christmas decorations at Walgreens October 1 so I think I’ve held in my holiday cheer long enough. One of my favorite ways to show holiday spirit is by sporting an ugly Christmas sweater. Now why would I want to wear anything ugly? Because ugly is the new pretty. Except when it comes to this.


This is just ugly, and correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that is a goat on her lap. But back to the sweaters…

Thankfully designers have come a long way when it comes to holiday sweaters and you no longer have to suffer in an itchy wool-blend garment for those family photos. A sequin Santa, a wrapped up candy cane, and even a peanut reindeer…these are guaranteed to land you on the best dressed list at your next ugly Christmas sweater party (because we all know that’s the only best dressed list that matters).

Photo via EgoTV

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