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If you haven’t heard the news, it looks like Olivier Theyskens is out at Theory, so you know what that means? FRANTICALLY BUY ALL THE THEYSKENS YOU CAN BECAUSE IT COULD BE WORTH MILLIONS.

Olivier Theyskens

But seriously…

He had a quite a short run (just four years at Theory) but at least he got his own line out of it, right? It’s rare when someone is tapped as Creative or Artistic Director that they get their own brand within, but clearly Theory CEO Andrew Rosen saw something in Olivier and for Fall 2011, he got to show his own Theyskens Theory collection. But apparently the last few seasons weren’t selling so well, which is why Olivier is out and you can now start collecting Theyskens Theory if you so choose.

I’m both surprised and not surprised by the fact that Theyskens wasn’t selling. I was really into it when the collection first launched because Theory was typically very basic basics (but more expensive than your average basic) and suiting. Great if you have a corporate job but otherwise, there wasn’t much to it. Then bring in Olivier and the brand felt like more of a real RTW label. He introduced some great prints (one of which has been seen here on CCF) and “cool girl” silhouettes (sheer skirts/dresses, long shorts, etc.) but with a lot of designers doing the same sort of thing, I guess I can understand why Theyskens Theory is no more.

theyskens theory

I don’t necessarily look for specific designers while shopping, but I have picked up a few Theyskens pieces in the last month from the spring collection pictured above (see the button down tank and mint shorts below). So, fingers crossed these items will only go up in value and we can all cash in on our Theyskens one day. Until then, get yours before they’re gone! (for real, though)

Any thoughts on who should replace Olivier?

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