Think Outside The Jewelry Box

Who doesn’t love to talk about jewelry, right? Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings (especially when there’s stacks of them)…all good stuff. But there’s some new kids on the block that are really taking your typical pieces of jewelry to the next level.

pearl hand piece

We already know some of these newer categories like body chains, hair jewelry, ear cuffs and hand pieces but even these have been one-upped. Have you heard of a hand jacket? Nail ring? A handlet? These are all real things and if you’re looking for unique jewelry, it’s time to think outside of the [jewelry] box.

eddie borgo, hand piece

You may recall a similar topic of discussion from earlier this year but that was all about unconventional accessories, this is specific to jewelry. I started thinking about this last week when I saw this anklet/toe ring situation (almost like a hand piece for your foot) on Net-a-Porter. It’s sort of a two-fer but really just quite the interesting accessory. I have seen anklets making a bit of a comeback and I really hope toe rings will just stay in the 90s and never return, but when you combine the two I guess it’s not that bad (although I still loathe the thought of a piece of jewelry on my feet). After this discovery, I continued to research unique pieces of jewelry and found that a lot of designers are really stepping it up in this department. Body chains? So two months ago. Now, try a chain bra. What about a hand piece? Please…it’s been done. Let’s move it on up (literally) to an arm piece. I’m kind of kidding, though…if you’re currently wearing a hand piece or body chain, I wouldn’t say you’re out by any means. But it just goes to show how many other options are out there in the jewelry department, and who knows how many more there are to come?

I’ve only experimented with a few of these categories (seen here and here…and if we count ear cuffs, here too) but I am quite interested in the this palm cuff (for self defense purposes, of course).

hand piece

nail ring

So if you too want to think outside the jewelry box (whether it’s way outside or not venturing too far), here’s a few ideas to get you started. Any favorites? Or do you like to stick to the traditional categories? Tell me the comments, yo!

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