Throwback Thursday: Vogue

I hope you all enjoyed my first Throwback Thursday feature because the new CCF tradition is carrying on today. This time I decided not to do another designer but the most iconic fashion magazine instead (can’t you see I’m in the mag mood this week?) We all associate Vogue with Anna Wintour, but a lot was happening at the publication before her signature bob took over as EIC in 1988.

Let’s dig in.

 photo july1929.jpg

July 1929: Never thought I’d see a golf-reference on the cover of Vogue but this clearly proved me wrong.

 photo february1935.jpg

February 1935: NEW MAKE UP. NEW WARDROBES. NEW ACCESSORIES. Don’t you love how you can barely see the captions? (which is fine because they’re barely intriguing…although that was probably breaking news at the time).

 photo july1939.jpg

July 1939: This could definitely be recreated today with the Charlotte Olympia popcorn bag and these vintage Chanel sunglasses, right? Anna, I hope you’re listening.

 photo june1940.jpg

June 1940: Little did Vogue know how popular these poses would become in yoga and Pilates studios nationwide many decades later.

 photo march1947.jpg

March 1947: There is a wiener dog. So I’m pretty satisfied here.

 photo january1950.jpg

January 1950: You don’t need a complete face to sell magazines.

 photo march1951.jpg

March 1951: I actually love the idea of not having a person on the cover. With so many insanely awesome accessories we have today (re: Linda Farrow sunglasses, McQueen clutches, and Nicholas Kirkwood heels) someone needs to bring back this concept.

 photo march1953.jpg

March 1953:…and bloggers.

 photo december1958.jpg


 photo september1963.jpg

September 1963: So, about those do’s and don’ts of wig-owning…

 photo april1967.jpg

April 1967: TWIGGY realness.

 photo august1974.jpg

August 1974: One of the most iconic magazine covers of all time — Beverly Johnson (pictured above) was the first African American model to appear on a Vogue cover. So if you’re ever on Jeopardy and this question is asked…you’re welcome.

 photo September1989.jpg

September 1989: I wonder how many pages the “biggest fashion” issue was in 1989. Now, we’re up to 902.

 photo october1989.jpg

October 1989: Nothing like some 80s Chanel Haute Couture to make your day.

 photo april1990.jpg

April 1990: Is this the fashion or the fitness look? (or both?)

 photo november1990.jpg

November 1990: Claudia Schiffer in Geoffrey Beene. Welcome to the 90s.

I hope you enjoyed the second installment of Throwback Thursday. Any other TBTs you’d like to see? Feel free to share in the comments.

Images via Conde Nast

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