What if…

On this kinda cold and dreary hump day, I thought it would be fun to play a little game called “what if?” And who knows…if you guys are into it, maybe I can make it a monthly thing.

So the first in this [potential] series — today I’m asking the question what if your wardrobe could only consist of five things?

Yes, I realize this is very unrealistic but so is “would you rather?” and “if you were stranded on a desert island…” so why not play a little “what if?” and of course keeping it fashion themed is pretty fun too.

If  I could only have five things in my wardrobe (whether I can have multiples of these or not…doesn’t really matter) I would choose a leather jacket, t-shirt, silk shorts, leather pants and loafers. So basically I’d be pretty comfortable all the time but totally screwed if I had any black tie affairs to attend (at least I’d have an excuse not to go — or they’ll just have to put up with me in a full leather outfit…either way works for me). When I first took an interest in fashion (and for quite some time after that) I had that sort of Anna Dello Russo mindset — comfort is NOT key and more is more. As I mature (or at least pretend to) I feel like my style is constantly evolving. I’ve gotten to the point where I truly feel comfort IS key and sometimes, less is more (just sometimes). Which leads me to those five wardrobe essentials AKA the answer to that “what if” question. And if you don’t believe me…

wardrobe essentials

My reasoning for this answer is not just comfort but also practicality and versatility. I can wear all of these things in pretty much every season (although I’d swap out the leather pants for shorts in the summer…but with Chicago weather, you really never know) and they all come in such a variety of silhouettes, colors, patterns, etc. I wouldn’t have a problem making my wardrobe look diverse when really only having five types of items. But if I had to pick only five items (like literally there would be five things in my closet) I’d go with a Balenciaga leather jacket, Proenza Schouler t-shirt, any type of black silk shorts, The Row leather leggings and Jimmy Choo loafers (and if I can only own five things, all budgets are thrown out the window, right?)

So if you don’t think I’m totally crazy just yet, now it’s your turn to answer — if your wardrobe could only consist of five items, what would you choose? Don’t be shy! And if you’re down for this to be a regular series (where I ask ridiculous or not-so-ridiculous questions starting with “what if” hoping you’ll answer them), be sure to let me know in the comments.

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