Episode 26: Styling For The Stage With Whitney Middleton

When you hear about someone who’s had a successful career in fashion, we always seem to assume they’ve eaten (well, barely) breathed and slept fashion their whole lives. And for those who might admire fashion from afar (with hopes of maybe being involved in the industry one day) know that you don’t have to take the typical path. You might work in finance one day and then end up styling a major celebrity at a huge music festival the next…just like my latest Fashion Friend, Whitney Middleton.

whitney middleton

It’s funny how Whitney and I met because she actually took over my previous job as social media coordinator when I left eDrop-Off to pursue ChiCityFashion full time (and when she did this, it was a big career change for her as well…which you can learn more about when you listen to this week’s episode). If this were an episode of Seinfeld I’d say “yada yada yada she now styles Chance The Rapper.” But replace that “yada yada yada” with “just listen to the episode” and you’ll learn everything you need to know 🙂

chance the rapper

I love Whitney’s story and how she got to where she is today —  you’re definitely going to want to hear how she’s gotten to work with such amazing clients in a short amount of time (of course, great career advice included!) Here’s just a peek at some of her work.

Before we get to Whitney’s story, we’ll discuss the latest fashion news like addressing some rumors in the designer musical chairs department (including one of the world’s most famous designers possibly retiring). And even though you already know about my love for The First Monday In May it’s something I decided to bring to Fashion Friends for a bit more of an in-depth discussion.

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Designer Departure And Appointment Rumors
The First Monday In May
Chance The Rapper
Whitney Middleton

Photo credits (in order of appearance): Kristyna Archer, Luke Creighton, Carrie GrahamBradley Murray (art by Max Sansing), James Richards IV, Taylor Shields


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  1. Loved this podcast! Thanks for the interviews you do and for the questions you ask the guests. I’m learning so much!

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