Welcome To Miami

If you’ve ever been to Miami, you know it’s a city of a lot of things — European and Latin influence, a big art scene (hello Art Basel!), The Webster…and rhinestone jean pockets. This is something I just figured out for myself after traveling there for the first time this last week. So now that we have this new travel section here on CCF, let’s welcome ourselves to Miami (although as of last night, it’s more like “welcome to the movie Frozen“).

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Live In Layers

Here on CCF, I rarely show myself in my lounge or activewear (and by rarely I mean never), and that all changes today. When it comes to fall/winter, it’s all about layering…and that goes for any situation — going out to dinner, your work commute, running errands, getting to your work out, etc. It’s time to layer up, friends! It’s going to be one long winter.

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