Live In Layers

Here on CCF, I rarely show myself in my lounge or activewear (and by rarely I mean never), and that all changes today. When it comes to fall/winter, it’s all about layering…and that goes for any situation — going out to dinner, your work commute, running errands, getting to your work out, etc. It’s time to layer up, friends! It’s going to be one long winter.

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Let’s Get Bundled

The one thing us Chicagoans all seem to want is a warm winter coat, but one that’s actually stylish…and doesn’t make us look like a marshmallow. It’s something I struggled with in the past but either designers have really stepped up their game in the outerwear department or I’ve gotten really good at finding stylish winter coats (perhaps a little bit of both?) This is a secret I simply cannot keep to myself. So if you’re freezing your ass off right now, this should be able to help.

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