Am I Too Old For This?

About a month ago I turned 27. Although I’ve asked myself the question am I too old for this? quite a few times before the big 2-7, I find that I now ask this much more frequently. Typically I’m just talking to myself and not actually asking anyone, so today I thought I would ask YOU. Am I too old for this? Are YOU? Let’s find out.

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Make A Power Move

Whether you’re looking to change careers or boost your current one, it’s not easy making that move. Trust me, I’ve been there. I get it. And I know there’s many others out there in the same boat. SO, I teamed up with this cool program called Make a Power Move (MAPM) that I think you will all find inspirational, helpful and fun at the same time.

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Here Comes The Bride…

And let’s just hope she’s not a Bridezilla. As of this past weekend, I’m officially no longer a bridesmaid virgin (and I realize that probably doesn’t sound right but you get the picture). Prior to this journey (dare I use the word journey, Anna Wintour?) I had been to three weddings in my adult life, and I still don’t totally know all the protocol. There seems to be so many rules when it comes to attending and being in a wedding, but who came up with them in the first place? Like how did we even get here? Let’s investigate.

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My Body, My Rules

Oh, food. You’re so magical. We love you when you’re green, organic and chia-blasted but when you’re fried, full of gluten or both then we hate you (well we love you at first and then we hate you). Is there a happy compromise? Perhaps the love / hate relationship can be a little more on the love side? Let’s find out.

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