Here Comes The Bride…

And let’s just hope she’s not a Bridezilla. As of this past weekend, I’m officially no longer a bridesmaid virgin (and I realize that probably doesn’t sound right but you get the picture). Prior to this journey (dare I use the word journey, Anna Wintour?) I had been to three weddings in my adult life, and I still don’t totally know all the protocol. There seems to be so many rules when it comes to attending and being in a wedding, but who came up with them in the first place? Like how did we even get here? Let’s investigate.

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My Body, My Rules

Oh, food. You’re so magical. We love you when you’re green, organic and chia-blasted but when you’re fried, full of gluten or both then we hate you (well we love you at first and then we hate you). Is there a happy compromise? Perhaps the love / hate relationship can be a little more on the love side? Let’s find out.

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The Social Mask

Ah, social media. We love it. We hate it. We’re addicted to it. Regardless, we’re all on it (except Kate Moss…apparently she doesn’t need Instagram). How do you decide what to post, though? Are you voicing your political opinion on Facebook? (if yes, then please stop). Do you even Tweet anything on Twitter or is it your lazy way of getting the news? (guilty as charged…but I still Tweet). Do you go to brunch just so you can post an Instagram of your chia seed pudding and avocado toast? Let’s dig a little deeper.

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I knew the time would eventually come…the time when I officially feel like an adult, although I did absolutely nothing myself to make the leap. It’s actually those I surround myself with, practically forcing me into adulthood…thanks to new pieces of jewelry (engagement rings) and new humans (babies). I give my congratulations to those who just accomplished those major milestones, as well as a congrats to myself for being an adult. Yay!

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