I knew the time would eventually come…the time when I officially feel like an adult, although I did absolutely nothing myself to make the leap. It’s actually those I surround myself with, practically forcing me into adulthood…thanks to new pieces of jewelry (engagement rings) and new humans (babies). I give my congratulations to those who just accomplished those major milestones, as well as a congrats to myself for being an adult. Yay!

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Like I mentioned on the last day of the year, it seems like 2014 was the year of Photoshop fails / getting called out for altering your Instagram photos. But in just one week, there’s been a few things that make me think 2015 is the year of #nofilter…but a true #nofilter (not the nearly 10 million #nofilter lies…which we’ll get to in a moment). So why exactly are we re-touching these photos in the first place, whether for Instagram or a major publication?

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