Symbols Of Summer

With it officially being mid-summer, that usually means we’re ready for Fall fashion, right? It’s hot out but you still can’t wait for sweaters (but then you regret ever thinking such a thing come December). However, I’m one of the few fashion people who LOVES summer, and I’m not willing to let Fall take over just yet (even though the Nordstrom Anniversary sale just started with all new discounted Fall merchandise).

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Bomb Dot Com

Even though we were lucky enough to experience 60 degrees in February over the weekend, I wouldn’t say you should put your winter coats away just yet. But with March just around the corner (technically when spring should start…but never does here in Chicago), it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about your next season wardrobe NOW. And what should be the first on the list this year? A piece of outerwear that deserves bomb[er] dot com status.

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