CCF Loves: Stephen Young

Today, I am extra excited for the latest installment of CCF Loves because this particular individual is not only the youngest feature so far (and not just due to his last name…he really is only 25) but I’ve known him longer than anyone I’ve ever written about. If you love interior design, are looking for home inspiration or just want to learn about a Chicagoan doing cool stuff, then you don’t want to miss this.

stephen young, interior design

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CCF Loves: Anthony Martin & Elaina Vazquez

Today I’m giving out double the ♥ for CCF Loves and even better? IT’S FOOD THEMED. Let’s meet Executive Chef and Partner at one of Chicago’s top restaurants, Tru, and owner of the most stylish catering company in the city, Elaina Vazquez of Boutique Bites (if you ever see really cute and delicious food at an event…it’s probably hers). Oh and they’re married. I don’t think a bad meal ever happens in this household…

tru restaurant chicago

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CCF Loves: Windy City Live’s Jessie Kalin

Earlier this year I launched a new section on ChiCityFashion titled CCF Loves, where I shared my favorite fashion, beauty and home items (and my attempt to post daily). In the mean time, I’ve been trying to come up with a replacement for Chi City’s Most Stylish (as it was something I wanted to do for one year only yet I still wanted a way to feature other people) so I decided to take CCF Loves in a different direction. And today’s the big day, so here it goes…

The first person to be featured on the relaunched CCF Loves? It’s Windy City Live‘s Jessie Kalin.

jessie kalin, windy city live

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