CCF Loves: Daniel Kelleghan

If you’ve been following my personal style posts for a while now, you might recognize the name Daniel Kelleghan. Or if you pay attention to the best photographers in Chicago, you’ll definitely know his name. Who doesn’t love to look at pretty pictures? Although when it comes to Dan, his photos aren’t just pretty…they’re truly incredible.

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CCF Loves: Zak Stemer

One of the most popular publications in Chicago, if not the most popular, has some pretty smart brains behind it (beauty too…see below). Everyone I’ve ever met from Splash (part of the Chicago Sun-Times if you’re not familiar) is really damn good at their job, regardless of their title. But the one person who really sticks out to me is the latest CCF Loves.

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CCF Loves: The Everygirls

With so many blogs and informational websites out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are worth reading. But with a name that says it all — from fashion and home decor (literally everything is Pinterest-worthy) to career and finance advice…and everything in between — The Everygirl is really a one-stop-shop that EVERY GIRL should read ;)

So let’s get to know the two brains behind this operation — Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss.

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