Nike Brahaus

Since I started exercising (can’t believe it’s been almost four years!) , a lot has changed — I’ve switched up my work out routine, the clothes got way cuter (thank goodness!), and as of more recently (thanks to Nike), I finally started paying attention to the type of clothing / shoes I’m wearing for different work outs. It started with the shoes but now I’m all about the bra. Cue the Nike Brahaus.

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On The Move

Being a freelancer / working from home, you’d think I’m just on my computer in my pajamas all day, right? Well, you’re not totally wrong BUT it does give me the flexibility to be out and about (which I am quite often). Whether I’m running errands, heading to a meeting, or going out for the night, there’s a 90% chance I’ll be in sneakers (and as of late, the Nike Air Max 270s).

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A few months ago I went to dinner with some friends and I was wearing pretty much this exact outfit (just a different cropped red sweatshirt, naturally). One friend sarcastically goes, “oh you couldn’t dress up for us?” I thought it was hilarious, as I’ve only been wearing sweatshirts (and sweatpants) this winter. But anything can be elevated with the right shoes (both literally and figuratively — re: heels).

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