Chi City Careers

After receiving countless resumes and requests for Chicago fashion jobs and realizing there’s no free resource for people to find them, I thought I’d so something about it. Today I’m very excited to announce the launch of Chi City Careers.

It’s time to get your job on…

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Meet Archer Townsend

One thing I hear from women way too often is that they need more basics in their wardrobe. I get it. When you’re shopping, it’s seems more satisfying to buy that special dress you’ll probably wear only once as opposed to a basic t-shirt. Then when it comes to real life you realize you’re not wearing a sequin dress everyday and you think you have nothing to wear. Well, I have found the solution…and it happens to be right here in Chicago.

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Ford “It” Girl: Asia B

I mentioned last week that the stunning Noel has an equally gorgeous younger sister, Asia. When I happened to choose both of them for this shoot and later found out they were sisters, it was a must that we shot them together. And of course, we did!

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