Thanks, It’s Custom

Every year around this time, I have to make that decision — to gift guide or not to gift guide? I myself struggle with finding the perfect gift so does that mean I have no authority to put these things together or I’m the perfect person to do so? Regardless, because I’ve never done a weekly gift guide (maybe one or two sprinkled throughout the last few holiday seasons), I decided that starting today you will get a gift guide on CCF every week until Christmas (and if you celebrate Hanukkah, you better get going).

louis vuitton, monogram handbag

Want More?

Refinery29 + Gabrielle Zwick Giveaway

Local Chicago designer, Gabrielle Zwick, creates stunning jewelry made with antique keys and vintage textiles. And with a price point around $20 each, you don’t have to feel guilty picking up more than one of her gorgeous pieces.

But let’s be honest…nothing is better than FREE, so Refinery29 is giving away a custom Gabrielle Zwick design to one lucky reader. Want the details? Click to see the full story on Refinery29.