September Issues

Fashion month is approaching and there’s several pounds worth of paper (known as September issues) to prove it. Between fashion weeks all over the world, Fall merchandise rolling in, and the thickest magazine issues of the year all happening next month, you can’t avoid fashion in September. You just can’t…right, Anna?

 photo 02a35ed11ac7f35dcebdcda1cd480261.jpg

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Gatsby Glamour

With the new Great Gatsby movie coming out soon, all things Gatsby themed are making a comeback. But Sheridan Road Magazine is taking it to another level for their April issue with one glamorous Gatsby wedding.

 photo 45538_515856315126614_86046009_n.jpg

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Ford “It” Girl: Asia B

I mentioned last week that the stunning Noel has an equally gorgeous younger sister, Asia. When I happened to choose both of them for this shoot and later found out they were sisters, it was a must that we shot them together. And of course, we did!

 photo IMG_2105copycopy.jpg

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Ford “It” Girl: Noel

With Dominique, it was all about those eyebrows and now it’s time to obsess over Noel with those killer LIPS. This girl is insanely gorgeous (sometimes I just can’t even look at these photos because she’s too pretty). And as an added bonus? She has a stunning sister (who you’ll see next week in the last installment of my Ford editorials).

 photo IMG_1793copy.jpg

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Ford “It” Girl: Dominique

Remember Skye and Dominique from last week’s Ford editorial? Well this week you’ll get to know the girl behind the leather baseball hat (no, not me) — it’s all about Dominique.


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