My Body, My Rules

Oh, food. You’re so magical. We love you when you’re green, organic and chia-blasted but when you’re fried, full of gluten or both then we hate you (well we love you at first and then we hate you). Is there a happy compromise? Perhaps the love / hate relationship can be a little more on the love side? Let’s find out.

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I knew the time would eventually come…the time when I officially feel like an adult, although I did absolutely nothing myself to make the leap. It’s actually those I surround myself with, practically forcing me into adulthood…thanks to new pieces of jewelry (engagement rings) and new humans (babies). I give my congratulations to those who just accomplished those major milestones, as well as a congrats to myself for being an adult. Yay!

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Accepting The Facts

I thought we’d try a new sort of topic today. A little bit of beauty, a hint of lifestyle but all about…getting older and growing up. This has nothing to do with expensive anti-wrinkle creams and more frequent trips the doctor. I mean, I’m only 26…but no matter how old we are, we’re going to have to face the facts some day. So here’s a look at what aging means for a 20-something.

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