Pretty Convenient

There are certain things you come across in life that make everything just a little easier. An app, a recipe, an As Seen On TV product you were embarrassed to buy but you’re glad you did. And when you find such a thing, why keep it to yourself? Share the wealth. That’s exactly what I’m doing today…but in the category of beauty (no perfectly stacking lids or 30 minute meals here, sorry friends).

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ChiCityFashion x Ginger + Liz Duos

With a nailpolish obsession like mine, it’s too stressful to just pick out ONE color for all TEN nails. With an ever-growing nailpolish collection + a consistent #ManiMonday update on Instagram I decided a 2 color minimum will be put in place (and that’s a 2 color minimum per hand by the way). And then the Ginger + Liz duos were born…


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