The 90s Are Back

As much as we love to praise fashion for being innovative and new, when it comes down to it, fashion always repeats itself. Trends from decades past come and go (shift dresses from the 60s, bohemian from the 70s, and shoulder pads from the 80s to name a few) but the styles are always made more modern so it doesn’t look like you haven’t gone shopping since 1986.

Tomorrow I leave for San Francisco and because I’ve never been, I can only think of one thing when I think of San Fran…and as a 90s kid, that would be Full House of course. With styles from the 90s making a huge comeback, I thought it would only be appropriate to discuss this revival trend.


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90s Revival: Overalls

When you think of overalls, 1 of 2 things probably come to mind…farmer and/or 90s, right? I mostly think of the 90s, because I freakin loved these things and I still miss my white overalls with stars on them from age 7.

Basically where I’m getting at is…I really wanted an excuse to use this picture.


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