Red Carpet Fashion: 2012 Met Gala (Part 1)

The Oscars are when the fashion world bows down to celebrities. The Met Gala is the complete opposite. Although many well-known celebrities attend, this event celebrates the fashion insiders and those who truly appreciate the art. These are my absolute favorite red carpet posts of the year so I hope you enjoy!

PhotobucketShailene Woodley in Christopher Kane

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WWAW: What Will Anne Wear? Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Looks

If you are dying to know what Anne Hathaway wore for her many outfit changes at the Oscars last night, you have come to the right place. If you’re wondering how she changed her hair from wavy to straight in under 30 minutes, I cannot help you there.

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive Spring 2011 (modified)

I love when Anne wears Armani Prive. She always turns heads in Prive and I’m so glad this was one of her outfit choices for the awards show. It’s like a liquid dress? Blue liquid that is…

Anne Hathaway in Atelier Versace Spring 2011

At this point I was totally over seeing red dresses. Thankfully this one wasn’t that bright red that everyone was wearing. The detailing looked great on stage, which is always important. But of course…still gorgeous.

Anne Hathaway in custom Lanvin & Brian Atwood shoes

Comical. Cute. I obviously wouldn’t recommend wearing on the red carpet. But perfect for that little “number” she performed. But I LOVE the shoes.

Anne Hathaway in Givenchy Fall 2009 Couture

It’s a beautiful dress but I think Anne has worn more flattering gowns before. The detailing in the bodice is gorgeous and overall, I think it was the perfect choice for a first outfit change. It says “I’m here but don’t go away because there’s better things coming your way.”

Anne Hathaway in Vivienne Westwood Couture

Probably my least favorite of all of Anne’s outfits for the evening. It’s not terrible, but I’m just not loving it. Vivienne Westwood is just not a designer I see on someone like Anne Hathaway. Florence Welch or Helena Bonham Carter could wear Vivienne well, but I’m just not feeling it with Anne.

Anne Hathaway in Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011

Finally we got a straight-from-the-runway look! This was shown no less than 2 weeks ago at New York Fashion Week. I knew Anne was going to wear at least one Oscar de la Renta dress last night and I’m not just saying this but I was really hoping it would be this one! I love the fringe detail and how it lays on the gold. It’s just perfect! My favorite Anne look of the night.

Anne Hathaway in Tom Ford Spring 2011

I appreciate her wearing a look from the highly anticipated Tom Ford Spring 2011 collection, but she’s so young and beautiful, she does not need to wear a dress that covers everything up. I would have liked to see the Oscar de la Renta dress as her final look but I guess this will do!


So with this all said…congrats to Anne Hathaway for hosting an [what I found to be] entertaining evening. And congrats to the woman who styled these amazing looks…Rachel Zoe.

So, which was your favorite Anne outfit of the night?

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Red Carpet Fashion: 2011 Oscars (Part 1)

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards (or the Oscars if you will) were held last night at the Kodak Theatre. I thought Anne Hathaway and James Franco made a great team hosting the event (they definitely made it “hip” as intended). People won, people lost, but most importantly…there was a lot of red carpet coverage.

Let’s see who got it right, who almost got it, and who I just didn’t get…

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture

At first, the circular detail in the front confused me, but it’s one of those dresses that the more I look at it, the more I love it. She has that simple look to her where she could pull something off like this. And I think it’s perfection. A Givenchy Couture dress can be a risk in itself but she definitely pulled it off. One of my favorites from the night!

Amy Adams in L'Wren Scott Fall 2011

This is the best she has looked on the red carpet in a long time. I guess when you’re nominated for best supporting actress at the Oscars, you gotta step up your game. I love the color, the silhouette is perfection, the slit adds a little sexiness, and I think the hair and makeup is great. My only problem is the necklace…it’s just not necessary, but otherwise it’s amazing!

Anne Hathaway in Valentino Fall 2002 Couture

I love Anne Hathaway. She rarely makes a red carpet mistake (maybe because her stylist is the super fabulous celeb stylist, Rachel Zoe). I was very surprised to see an archived gown (that wasn’t technically vintage) from her, but she definitely pulled it off. Anne looks even better than the original model who wore this dress, and I think it works. I’m never a fan of red on the red carpet but it’s Anne and she can do no wrong.

Florence Welch in Valentino Spring 2011 Couture

This is her look and I wouldn’t want her to dress is anything that wasn’t “her,” but she could have chosen something that wasn’t this matronly. This look would be perfect for a woman age 60+ but not for a young celeb like Florence. Even in her Givenchy Couture dress she wore to the Grammys, the sheerness of the bottom and in the sleeves gave it some sex appeal but this Valentino dress is just way too covered up.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein

When I first saw her on the red carpet, I wasn’t 100% sold…but about one minute later I was completely hooked. It’s an interesting neckline, the liquid effect of this dress looks amazing on her, and I think the stick-straight hair is perfect for this dress. I saw a close up of the earrings and they were huge, looked like some kind of animal, but I kind of loved them. My only comment is that the brooch at the hips is not doing anything for me.

Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa

First of all, I thought it was so cute she helped design this dress. I heard she was wearing Marchesa before I saw her on the red carpet and I wasn’t sure if the choice would be age appropriate for her, but this is so perfect for Hailee. She looks like a little princess and I just love it. I think she’s adorable but I cannot get past the headband! If she had a cute little jeweled Jennifer Behr piece, she would be one of my best dressed picks. But that headband looks like she picked it up at Walgreens in a 3-pack on the way to the awards!

Halle Berry in Marchesa

Can you look at Halle Berry and say she looks bad? Just try to look at her and say “ew.” You can’t. She look stunning. This dress is beautiful. It looks a little disheveled at the bottom but I’m not totally hating that aspect. It’s Halle Berry. That is all you need to know.

Hillary Swank in Gucci

This one is difficult for me to judge, because I think Hillary looks beautiful, I am in love with this dress (I live for feathers) but I don’t like them together. I just don’t think a metallic beaded dress with feathers is very Hillary Swank. I would have loved this dress on someone like Anne Hathaway but it just doesn’t feel Swanky to me.

Jennifer Hudson in Atelier Versace Spring 2008 Couture

Remember when I said I don’t like red on the red carpet? Well this is orange/red. And I still don’t like it. She looks gorgeous and confident, which is always important, but I know she can do better than this. And pairing this with purple shoes? That is something I just don’t understand.

Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein

As I’ve mentioned before, I normally do not like red on the red carpet (or ever…red dresses can easily look tacky). I am also not one for minimalism. When it comes to accessorizing, I live by “the more, the merrier.” But you know what? Surprisingly, I love this look. Maybe because this dress fits her PERFECTLY. Maybe because the hair and makeup is stunning. Maybe both? Just gorgeous.

Keep checking back for PART 2 coming soon!

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Rachel Zoe “dying” for Fashion

Rachel Zoe is “lit-rally” dying for fashion in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. I’m obviously a little biased towards this photoshoot because I am obsessed with Rachel Zoe…but trying to view this from an outside perspective, I still think it’s a great concept and a fabulous shoot. Michael Kors with a shovel and Rachel in a sea of purses? Brian Atwood coming at Rachel with a stiletto? I absolutely love it! Playful and fun yet super creative and quite eye-catching…one of my favorite editorials to date!

…with Brian Atwood

…with Francisco Costa

…with Michael Kors

…with Marc Jacobs

…with Vera Wang

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What do you think of this photoshoot? Which pictures are your favorites? I’d love to hear from you!

New Items from Rachel Zoe for QVC

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, it’s rare that I post something without mentioning Rachel Zoe. I think she’s an amazing stylist and I respect her work and her creativity. I already own a few things from Rachel’s collection including the Faux Fur Vest with Hook & Eye Closure (in Red Fox…obsessed!), Cabochon Drop Earrings (in Jade; very vintage-looking…so fab), and the Foldover Messenger Bag (in pewter…such a great color). I am 100% satisfied with each and every one of these items. And just when I didn’t think her collection could get any better, she debuted a bunch of new items last week and I am dying over everything. I knew I wanted to do a post sharing my favorite items with you and it was very difficult for me to choose but I did it and I hope you enjoy!

Lamb Leather Belted Jacket

The ivory color (shown above) is my favorite but this jacket also comes in black and tan which are equally as fabulous. Rachel wore this when she debuted her new items on QVC and many sizes sold out immediately. Thankfully, QVC re-stocked and almost all sizes are currently available in each color. This is a great light jacket for spring and it can be worn with just about everything. The belt is slimming at the waist I’m obsessed with the buckles at the end of the sleeves. Overall, a great buy!

Slim Flap Front Computer Bag

So I’m definitely guilty of watching QVC when Rachel Zoe is on and she said that everyone in her office (AKA Camp Zoe) was begging her to design a fashionable yet practical computer bag. And this is what she came up with! I loved this piece so much I ordered it right away (online of course…I don’t think I could get myself to call) in the brown/black. The color shown above is caramel and it comes in black as well. The best part about this computer bag is that it comes with a matching wristlet. A stylish way to carry your laptop + a wristlet for those on-the-go moments…what a great deal!

Slouchy Square Hobo

This is such a great everyday bag. It is practical because it is large enough to hold everything and it’s a great bag that will never go out of style. This bag comes in Burnt Sienna (seen above), Caramel and Black. I really can’t decide which color is my favorite because I just love this bag so much…I love all the colors! The Burnt Sienna is different which I’m really into. It’s a happy color that can immediately brighten your mood.

Tri-Color Bracelet with Crystals

I’ve been obsessed with the gold bracelet Rachel Zoe always wears (see here on her left wrist) since the first time I saw her wear it on the Rachel Zoe Project. Once I saw she made something similar available on QVC, I knew I had to have it. So…I ordered it. It complements any skintone because there’s goldtone, silvertone and rosetone. A 3-in-1 masterpiece!


What do you think of Rachel Zoe for QVC? Do you have any pieces from her collection? If so, which ones do you have & what do you think of them? If not, would you consider ordering any of them? What do you think of my picks? I want to hear from you. Don’t be shy!