The Seasonless Sneaker

Even before “cool sneakers” were a thing, we still saw them every once in a while on the streets of fashion weeks worldwide. Clearly worn by the “early adapters” (they don’t follow trends, they start them) and now everyone has gotten on board. Today we’re going back to basics with one of the most popular types of footwear right now –white sneakers.

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Let It Slide

There’s many 90s references happening in fashion right now that we just can’t help feel nostalgic about. This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about it (and as long as overalls and crop tops are still happening, it won’t be the last) so in the words of a quintessential 90s band…

So why don’t you slide…


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The Unexpected: Birkenstocks Are Trending

First flatforms, then sneaker wedges and now Birkenstocks…I can totally see now why straight men would hate fashion. Since around 2011, shoe trends have had approximately 0 sex appeal, which not everyone is a fan of…but it does make for a fantastic fashion challenge. Whether you love them or you hate them, Birkenstocks are the latest to take off in ugly shoe trends. So the question is…will you give in?

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