Surviving Chicago Winters

The fact that I’ve been had a blog called CHI CITY FASHION for over six years and have never written a post with this title is borderline embarrassing…but better late than never right? And just because you don’t live in Chicago doesn’t mean this can’t apply to you (but if you live in LA then the only reason to read this is to make yourself feel extra good about your decision to reside in Southern California).

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What Why Where: Black Winter

When I think of the fact I’ve gotten away with two WWW posts in December WITHOUT A COAT, I can’t help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world (along with every other Chicagoan). And no, this isn’t one of those situations where you see a blogger in a short sleeveless dress and open toe shoes with a field of snow in the background…I actually try to keep my outfits somewhat practical. And what’s more practical than black on black??

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Let’s Get Bundled

The one thing us Chicagoans all seem to want is a warm winter coat, but one that’s actually stylish…and doesn’t make us look like a marshmallow. It’s something I struggled with in the past but either designers have really stepped up their game in the outerwear department or I’ve gotten really good at finding stylish winter coats (perhaps a little bit of both?) This is a secret I simply cannot keep to myself. So if you’re freezing your ass off right now, this should be able to help.

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