Chi City’s Most Stylish: D. Graham Kostic

You know when you meet someone and everything they do makes you smile? Like they could just stand there and look angry, but you’d still be grinning uncontrollably? Well that’s how I feel about this guy….

(in a completely non-romantic way of course)

 photo intro.jpg

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Mixing vs. Matching

Hey fashion…you tell us to mix prints then you tell us to match prints. So really, what are we supposed to do here?

 photo prints.jpg

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Gladiator Sandals

After I decided to write this post, I’ve been listening to Common on repeat. Always a good way to get your weekend started.

But let’s talk about gladiator sandals, shall we?

 photo gladiatorsandals.jpg

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Charlotte Olympia + Tom Binns

With the Met Ball coming up (which happens to be my favorite red carpet event of the year) and the Costume Institute exhibition PUNK: Chaos to Couture starting soon, it was only natural for this to happen.

 photo photo5-1.jpg

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The Cool Way To Give Gift Cards

I think we’ve all been in the position where it’s time to give someone a gift and you’re completely stumped. You try and do something creative but don’t want to give them something they’ll hate, and you definitely don’t want to give the oh-so-impersonal gift card. Well, thankfully there are some smart people out there…and those smart people created Giftbar.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at55019PM.png

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