2017 Grammys Red Carpet

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for the Grammys than I was last night. Chance The Rapper was nominated for SEVEN Grammys (and took home three…how perfect). I typically don’t watch the entire awards show (there’s way too much country music for my liking) but I stuck with it as I was NOT missing Chance’s performance. And I’m sure glad I did (because of course…it was unreal). But this post isn’t just about Chance (although it basically should be — he did steal the show last night…sorry Bey), it’s about the red carpet (which was full of people I’ve never heard of in ridiculous outfits costumes). So here’s a look at all the Grammys red carpet looks you need to know about…

2017 grammys red carpet

Katy Perry in Tom Ford

It’s always disappointing when the one Tom Ford look of the night is a flop (as he only dresses one person per red carpet). I like both elements of this but there either needs to be more sequins or more feathers (where the sequin top hits at the hips is just super odd). Love it from the waist up though!

 photo Lea Michele in Cavalli.jpg

Lea Michele in Roberto Cavalli

I’m actually into this look (even though we’ve seen this sort of matching top / skirt with midriff thing for quite some time now) but what I’m not into is that eye makeup. I can’t tell if it looks like she has two black eyes or if she hasn’t slept in 3 days but either way, that’s not how you want someone to describe your makeup.


Paris Jackson in Balmain

Do we have a new fashion icon on our hands??

 photo Rick Ross.jpg

Rick Ross

He literally looks like a BOSS (and I’m assuming that was the goal?) That textured jacket is pretty sweet…and I want those loafers in my life ASAP.

 photo Charli XCX in Vivienne Westwood.jpg

Charli XCX in Vivienne Westwood

Never going to love a red strapless dress…ever. BUT this isn’t the worst one I’ve ever seen (so we’ll count it as a win).

 photo Santigold in Gucci.jpg

Santigold in Gucci
Best Dressed Pick

You know I kind of hate that shiny satin look but there’s something about this that I just adore. I also sort of hate platform heels but for some reason, I am so into this. SEE WHAT GUCCI DOES TO A GIRL. It’s just cool and unexpected for the Grammys (also doesn’t hurt that her husband is GucciGhost).

 photo Chrissy Teigen in Roberto Cavalli.jpg

Chrissy Teigen in Roberto Cavalli

Is it just me or does she always sort of look the same at these things? (AMAZING but the same…)

 photo Jennifer Lopez in Ralph and Russo.jpg

Jennifer Lopez in Ralph and Russo

I just don’t see the point in having that much tulle around your face. Seems pretty distracting, doesn’t it? Also this extremely long hair thing seems to be having a moment right now (thanks Kim). More to come…

 photo Adlee in Givenchy.jpg

Adele in Givenchy
Best Dressed Pick

You’d think this should be too much — there’s pleats, beading, fabric going in all directions (and a whole lotta green) but DAMN it just works. I blame it on the fit…it couldn’t be more perfect. It’s flattering, it’s special (definitely one you’ll remember!) and you can tell she loves it (and so do I!)

 photo Celine Dion in Zuhair Murad.jpg

Celine Dion in Zuhair Murad

Going from the best green moment to the worst (and matching green heels? Yikes).

 photo Lady Gaga in Alex Ulichny.jpg

Lady Gaga in Alex Ulichny

Is this a look I want to be wearing? Absolutely not. But it is a look and you know she always has some sort of theme or statement in mind for a major red carpet. This was her version of “I’ll be performing with Metallica in a few hours” (and it will be terrible). So with that in mind, I’m down.

 photo CeeLo Green.jpg

CeeLo Green

My fiancee asked if there was a new Power Rangers movie coming out after he saw this. Enough said.

 photo Halsey in Christian Wijnants.jpg

Halsey in Christian Wijnants

I love that she’s giving major 90s vibes here and it could have been super cool in person, but in photos this material is just not translating — it’s too shiny and wrinkled…and all those creases + shine (and in bright blue) is beyond distracting. Appreciate the TLC reference though.

 photo Heidi Klum in Phillip Plein.jpg

Heidi Klum in Phillip Plein

Just because Twenty One Pilots didn’t wear pants to the Grammys doesn’t mean we’re all forgoing pants this year, Heidi.

 photo Solange Knowles in Gucci.jpg

Solange Knowles in Gucci

This is one of those looks that I really want to like (it’s gold and it’s Gucci…two things I’m a big fan of) but considering I’m already not a fan of one shoulder things, it’s kind of hard to get behind. Plus the pleats plus the ruffle plus the peplum (and then the one shoulder and the slit)…I think I just went cross-eyed.

 photo Demi Lovato in Julien Macdonald.jpg

Demi Lovato in Julien Macdonald

Tell me this is Balmain and I’d think this is Kim…

 photo Diana Gordon in Loza Maleombho.jpg

Diana Gordon in Loza Maleombho
Best Dressed Pick

I have no idea who this is but it’s definitely a best dressed pick for me. It’s certainly a more subdue look for the Grammys but I love the shape of the top and that alone paired with her hair and makeup is really doing it for me.

 photo Carrie Underwood in Elie Madi.jpg

Carrie Underwood in Elie Madi


 photo Rihanna in Armani Prive.jpg

Rihanna in Armani Privé

When it comes to getting dressed, I am all about balance. And as much as I like both elements of this (especially the fact that the top perfectly shows off her tattoo), the proportions are way off — it’s too little top for that big of a skirt. But she definitely wins for best accessory of the night.

Schoolboy Q & his daughter Joy in Gucci


 photo Chance The Rapper in Thom Browne.jpg

Chance The Rapper in Thom Browne
Best Dressed Pick

Definitely not what I was expecting from Chance but I am 100% in. I don’t think I’ve come across anything he’s worn yet that I dislike (thanks to his talented stylist, Whitney Middleton) and this is no exception. It’s really the perfect balance of dressy and casual (and like I said, I’m all about that balance!) He really can do no wrong.

What did you think of the Grammys last night? Any favorite looks from the red carpet? Be sure to share in the comments!

Images via E!


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