The Unexpected: Birkenstocks Are Trending

First flatforms, then sneaker wedges and now Birkenstocks…I can totally see now why straight men would hate fashion. Since around 2011, shoe trends have had approximately 0 sex appeal, which not everyone is a fan of…but it does make for a fantastic fashion challenge. Whether you love them or you hate them, Birkenstocks are the latest to take off in ugly shoe trends. So the question is…will you give in?

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Givenchy, Celine, and Marc Jacobs were some of the many who showed these thick strappy/kind of platformish/Birkenstock-Teva hybrid shoes that will be all over the blogosphere come Spring 2014. When it comes to the ugly shoe trends, I’m really stuck in the middle. I actually loved flatforms when they were big for SS11 (although my Fendi flatforms remain as book ends because they’re quite difficult to walk in), you know how I feel about sneaker wedges and that will never change, but for the Birkenstock/Teva trend (shall we call them Birkentevas? Tevastocks?) initially I’m a hater but I could be swayed. I’d have to try them on, see what they’d look good with but be sure not to spend thousands on something like a fur Birkenstock (AKA the Celine furkenstock).


Even Miley is on board with the trend (which could either mean you’ll boycott it or only wear Birkenstock-looking shoes from now on) but it’s one that’s creeping up on us and will be EVERYWHERE next spring. You’ll see.

Now when I think of Birkenstocks, I think of high school. It’s funny because such girly things were in at the time (bright color Juicy velour, these awful weird pleated cotton mini skirts that I loved so much, everything bejeweled, Paris Hilton, etc) but then if you didn’t have Birkenstocks people didn’t understand how you had survived being a teenager thus far. I could not wrap my head around the appeal of a muddy taupe colored clog. I just couldn’t. But like Crocs (which I promise I never gave into), everyone said that they’re SO comfortable you just have to try them. So it took me until about junior or senior year but I finally tried them (peer pressure!) and they were right…damn they are comfortable (but still so ugly). I wore them a bit just to give my Steve Maddens a break but soon enough, I was right back on the Madden train. So that’s my love/hate with the shoe…do you have any good Birkenstock stories? If so, let it out in the comments.

So if you’re a hater, blame Celine. If you’re loving this, blame Celine…and shop some Birkentevas/Tevastocks (including some real life Birkenstocks) below.

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