Cannes 2016 Red Carpet

We already know who killed it in Cannes with their off-duty style so now it’s time to see who had the best ON DUTY moments at the film festival this year.

cannes red carpet 2016

Well that was a little deceiving…I wouldn’t say these are all the best BUT they are at least worth discussing. Be sure to let me know your favorite Cannes moments from this year in the comments!

 photo Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Saint Lauren quotTHE UNKNOWN GIRL LA FILLE INCONNUEquot PREMIERE.jpg

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Saint Laurent

From the waist up, it’s Cannes glamour at its finest…but once you scroll down you’ll  see that it almost looks like a tear in the dress (although I’m sure on purpose, or perhaps it’s the way the wind is blowing) therefore the hem isn’t my favorite. I also cannot stand anything bright and bejeweled all in one piece…so you can imagine how I feel about those shoes.

 photo Naomi Watts in Michael Kors Collection MONEY MONSTER premiere.jpg

Naomi Watts in Michael Kors

It’s Cannes. You’re supposed to BRING IT. And Naomi FORGOT IT.

 photo Lily Rose Depp in Chanel I Daniel Blake premiere.jpg

Lily Rose Depp in Chanel

Ah, to be 16 again…and rock the sickest Chanel dress on the Cannes red carpet. The good old days…

 photo Kirsten Dunst in Chanel AMFAR.jpg

Kirsten Dunst in Chanel

This is the amfAR GALA (not the amfAR luncheon!)

 photo Kate Moss in vintage Halston LOVING premeire.jpg

Kate Moss in Vintage Halston

It’s a red one shoulder dress and if you’ve ever read one of my red carpet posts, you know I’m going to hate it. But pair it with those black shoes? Makes me cringe even more!

 photo Jessica Chastain in McQueen quotMONEY MONSTERquot PREMIERE.jpg

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen
Best Dressed Pick

You’d have to try really hard to make a dress this stunning dress look bad…and I say Jess did it justice!

 photo Jourdan Dunn in Ralph amp Russo quotTHE UNKNOWN GIRL LA FILLE INCONNUEquot PREMIERE.jpg

Jourdan Dunn in Ralph & Russo

Can you think of a better occasion for a big structured white floral gown??

 photo Kendall Jenner in Elie Saab CHOPARD WILD PARTY.jpg

Kendall Jenner in Elie Saab

She looks like she’s about to go to sleep in some ornate over-the-top bedroom that costs more than I’ll eve make in my lifetime…but I’m kind of into it.

 photo KK IN LV quotJULIETAquot PREMIERE.jpg

Karlie Kloss in Louis Vuitton

There’s something about that sequins, the collar and the headband that just don’t add up…

 photo Lily Rose Depp in Chanel.jpeg

Lily Rose Depp in Chanel


 photo Poppy Delevingne in Cavalli CHOPARD WILD PARTY.jpg

Poppy Delevingne in Roberto Cavalli

Is it just me or are side cut outs taking over your life, too?

 photo Natasha Poly in Prada quotJULIETAquot PREMIERE.jpg

Natsha Poly in Prada
Best Dressed Pick

Hold up, did I just praise a strapless gown? STRAPLESS? GOWN? Yes. I did. There’s not many out there that really wow me but WOW…the detail here is just incredible. And the fact that I’m even loving anything in pink is blowing my mind, but between the stunning brocade / embellishments and the perfectly complimentary beauty look (the slicked hair and the cat eyes are ON POINT), I am 100% SOLD.

 photo Lottie Moss in Dior quotLOVINGquot premiere.jpg

Lottie Moss in Dior

18 going on 65…

 photo Kirsten Dunst in Gucci OPENING GALA AND quotCAFE SOCIETYquot PREMIERE.jpg

Kirsten Dunst in Gucci
Best Dressed Pick

This dress can be worn by two people and two people only — Kirsten Dunst and Florence Welch. Kirsten just got to it first (and SLAYED).

 photo Kendall Jenner in Cavalli quotFROM THE LAND AND THE MOONquot PREMIERE.jpg

Kendall Jenner in Roberto Cavalli

Like side cut outs, I’ve also grown quite sick of the naked dress…however this is a more interesting and unique version so I’m actually down with this. I think the earrings could have been a little less bold as there’s so much going on with the dress but otherwise I’m a fan!

 photo Karlie Kloss in Marchesa AMFAR.jpg

Karlie Kloss in Marchesa

It’s perfect yet disappointing all at the same time.

 photo Gaia Weiss in Mugler OPENING GALA AND quotCAFE SOCIETYquot PREMIERE.jpg

Gaia Weiss in Mugler

I am all about this color (although not an easy one to pull off). The hardware is cool, the shoes are a great choice, love the lip color…just not feeling the hair (a sleek pony would have been EVERYTHING).

 photo Elle Fanning in Valentino AMFAR.jpg

Elle Fanning in Valentino

A Valentino gown topped with a gold harness is a combination that’s always going to win me over. But as per usual, there’s something about the beauty look I don’t love (which is why I can’t get myself to name this a best dressed pick…life is so unfair sometimes). I wish she would have done a lower updo (like a messy bun or a braid or something). The higher hair styles are often too mature and girl’s only 18!

 photo Karolina Kurkova in Armani Prive AMFAR.jpg

Karolina Kurkova in Armani Prive

I actually just hate everything about this.

 photo Katy Perry in MarchesaAMFAR GALA.jpg

Katy Perry in Marchesa

Flamenco dancer or amfAR Gala attendee (or both??)

 photo Kirsten Dunst in Valentino closing ceremony.jpg

Kirsten Dunst in Valentino

You know you’re spoiled with beautiful dresses when something like this is considered forgettable.

 photo Kristen Stewart in Chanel OPENING GALA AND quotCAFE SOCIETYquot PREMIERE.jpg

Kristen Stewart in Chanel
Best Dressed Pick

This is the ideal K-Stew look for me. She still has her edge yet paired with feminine elements like a skirt, pointed toe pumps (not sneakers) and a red lip are just the right balance to put her on the best dressed list.

 photo Natasha Poly in Cavalli AMFAR.jpg

Natasha Poly in Roberto Cavalli

Now THIS is just another “boring” (a term I use loosely) naked dress…

 photo Elle Fanning in Chanel quotTHE NEON DEMONquot PHOTOCALL.jpg

Elle Fanning in Chanel

Why would you ever pair platform pumps with Chanel? Or wear them post 2012?!

 photo Clemence Poesy in Chanel closing ceremony.jpg

Clemence Poesy in Chanel

I can’t be the only one who noticed that Anna Wintour wore this exact dress (with a skirt) to the Met Gala last year…right?

 photo Alessandra Ambrosio in Zuhair Murad The Last Face premiere.jpg

Alessandra Ambrosio in Zuhair Murad

Another example of styling gone wrong…this look is fucking amazing — it’s a beaded jumpsuit with a skirt, and I want to get married in it. However, this outfit is a statement on its own so a diamond snake necklace is completely unnecessary and the hair is just lame an uninspiring…such a disappointment for a cool look like this. WHY, STYLISTS? WHY?!

 photo Bella Hadid in Alexandre Vauthier Couture quotTHE UNKNOWN GIRL LA FILLE INCONNUEquot PREMIERE.jpg

Bella Hadid in Alexandre Vauthier Couture

One of the very few instances where an “up” updo is okay with me…as typically they come off a little matronly yet there’s NOTHING matronly about that slit! You know I hate shiny red material but it’s all working for me right now (actually it’s WERKING for me).

 photo Blake Lively in Vivienne Westwood quotSLACK BAY MA LOUTEquot PREMIERE.jpg

Blake Lively in Vivienne Westwood

This is a joke, right?

 photo Chanel Iman in Marchesa AMFAR.jpg

Chanel Iman in Marchesa

We haven’t seen this much Marchesa on the red carpet as of late — they had their big moment circa 2008-2010 but then their gowns would only show up every once in a while. It looks like Keren and Georgina chose Cannes to make their big return because Marchesa was everywhere on the red carpet this year. ANYWAY, my favorite Marchesa moment at Cannes had to be this. I’m used to way more flowers and tulle from them so I appreciate the departure. Those rings are pretty badass too.

 photo Bella Hadid in Givenchy DE GRISOGONO PARTY.jpg

Bella Hadid in Givenchy

This is one of the coolest lady suits I’ve seen in quite some time BUT I can’t get over the fact that the top is WAY too small in the bust. I don’t mind a little cleavage but there’s a fine line between showing off the girls and not being able to breathe…she’s one sneeze a way from a nip slip and I’m sure Snapchat will be there to catch it.

 photo Blake Lively in Atelier Versace THE BFG premeire.jpg

Blake Lively in Atelier Versace


 photo Alessandra Amborsio in Michael KorsquotTHE UNKNOWN GIRL LA FILLE INCONNUEquot PREMIERE.jpg

Alessandra Ambrosio in Michael Kors

How this isn’t Alexandre Vauthier and is somehow Michael Kors is beyond me. Regardless, it’s not my cup of tea but she is killing it.

 photo Charlize Theron in Dior The Last Face premiere.jpg

Charlize Theron in Dior

It’s a nice lady suit but if you’re going to do one on the Cannes red carpet (and not just a little premiere or press event) you better be wearing the dopest lady suit your stylist can get their hands on…and this can’t be it.

What did you think of the Cannes red carpet this year? Did you prefer the off duty or on duty looks? Any favorites? Least favorites?

Images via Marie Claire & Harper’s Bazaar

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