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If budget-friendly gifts, ridiculously expensive presents or what to buy for the boys haven’t done it for you, don’t you worry…I’m not finished with the gift guides just yet. And because of a particularly inspiring / successful / wallet-emptying Dose Market yesterday, I thought today would be the perfect day for some local [holiday] love.

chicago gifts

When it comes to shopping local, I typically get my gifts from Space519 (and this holiday season was no exception) but Dose reminded me that there are some new[ish] players in town you should check out too — specifically Felt (cool new boutique in Logan Square) and Gather Home + Lifestyle (every Instagrammer’s dream). But if you’re looking for specific local goods to give this holiday, here’s quite a few options for everyone on your list.

chicago gifts

It’s not often you come across a good belt bag (AKA the fanny pack) but 84Rockwell is taking the once dated accessory and making them super modern and straight-up AWESOME. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a belt bag and because of 84Rockwell, I now own two (including this one from today’s post). For the girl who has everything, appreciates something unique, loves music festivals and / or just can’t seem to remember her handbag everywhere she goes…this is the ideal gift!

For the natural beauty obsessed (raises hand), you should probably know about Cocovit — it’s a completely raw coconut oil (never touched by heat)…and that’s not easy to find when it comes to coconut oil. The purer, the better, right? But my favorite part about this is that it comes in a travel size. I’ve been using coconut oil (in place of body lotion) for years now and I’ve never found a small version I can travel with (they all come in those huge tubs)…until now!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? (if you don’t…don’t tell me, because I will be forever envious of you) But because it’s a no-fail option, Vosges is one of my go-to gifts, especially as a hostess gift for any sort of holiday / dinner party. Everyone brings wine…so I like to bring some chocolate to go along with it! The limited edition holiday truffle collection is not only a great present because it’s limited edition and festive and chocolate BUT with flavors like smoked Ceylon cinnamon, Italian chestnuts, and  Scotch pine…you can satisfy even the most sophisticated palette.

One brand I didn’t know about before yesterday at Dose is CHC. And I’m glad I spent my afternoon at Morgan Manufacturing, otherwise I may have never known about this gold cowhide tote. Totes can be pretty boring but this is far from. Plus, they have a lot of other great leather goods like bucket bags, cross body bags and clutches. And a portion of proceeds go to non-profit called WINGS which you can learn more about here (it’s a pretty heart-wrenching story so…brace yourselves).

I know I’ve already given you my Azeeza gift picks BUT one of my all time favorite pieces would have to be the earmuffs. They’re super glamorous and gorgeous — a winter accessory you’ll actually want to wear. And don’t forget, you can use code CHICITY25 (online or in-store…or you can just mention ChiCityFashion in-store) to get 25% off all things Azeeza until 12/24.

One of my favorite local brands right now is definitely Cities In Dust. The jewelry is wearable, affordable and unique (it’s not everyday you find all three in one!) Although I think everything on the site would make a great gift, the reverse ball choker is great because it goes with everything and you don’t have to worry about sizing.

What I love most about Dose Market is that I spend the entire time doing my two favorite things — shopping and eating (luckily, there’s no shortage of samples!) Now I’m the perfect customer for samples as I almost always buy. Dough Dough Bird was no exception. Their gingerbread cookies are a GAME CHANGER. And if you’re looking for a gift for the foodie or a hostess gift that’s not chocolate, this is the way to go my friends!

If you’ve ever been to a Chicago event with a really stylish bowl of delicious punch, it was probably courtesy of Femme du Coupe. And now that she has her own line of syrups (or Le Sirop to be exact), you can make these cocktails any time. Everything is made with totally natural ingredients and it doesn’t taste super sugary / syrupy like most cocktail mixers. It’s well-balanced, tasty and it’s easier than dealing with your local handlebar mustache mixologist.

I discovered Coursewrk Supply Co over the summer at an art event, and I’ve had my eye on them ever since. With not-so-basic inspiring quotes on high quality t-shirts and sweatshirts (for both men and women), it’s a product everyone can enjoy. And I especially enjoy this best in class crewneck. Because I own it, I can vouch for it’s comfort and style. This is in the top five when it comes to my daily clothing rotation…which is very clear when you see how much dog fur is on this thing ? (thanks Lennox).

Although I’m a fan of 98.2% of desserts, brittle is one of those I’m just not immediately drawn to. I’m not opposed to it, but there’s many other treats I’d voluntarily trade for some cellulite (they’re that good). But Newfangled Confections has changed my mind with their Frittle. I guess I’d consider this more of a snack rather than a dessert. This would be dangerous to have in the house because unlike Pringles, once you pop, the fun really will not stop…until I realize I ate an entire box of peanut brittle and immediately start judging myself. But if you give it as a gift, you have none of that to worry about! ?

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, you know I’m an Owen + Alchemy fanatic. I try to hit them up at least once a week for my juice fix…because there’s no juice like an O+A juice. But juice can be a weird gift (unless you’re giving the gift of a cleanse…just make sure that’s specifically what the giftee asked for so you don’t give the wrong impression) and in that case — you should check out their Chinese Herbs and Blends. I just use a little in my smoothies for an extra boost. Not only do they have great benefits (and in easy to choose from categories like detox, immunity, energy, calm and digestion) but they look badass…so no need to hide in the cabinet!

Know a newborn who’s in desperate need of a sweatsuit (aren’t they all?) then look no further than Monica + Andy. Everything’s cuter when it’s miniature, right? Could it get any cuter than this tiny little hoodie?? To make things even better — THERE ARE MATCHING SWEATPANTS.

Sometimes it’s more stressful to find the perfect card, rather than the perfect gift. But once you know about Nourishing Notesevery card is the perfect card (especially if you’re giving it to someone who likes food). Not only do they use the most witty food puns for their stationery, they do the same on other products like towels, aprons, totes and prints. And because I find counting calories to be the worst thing ever, I think this print is the best thing ever.

Ever since Madison Hall started carrying Peoples Garment Company, I’ve been hooked. It started with a t-shirt for the bf, then a sweatshirt for me…and now I just want it all. Every piece is inspired by an old sports team that no longer exists (Chicago Rockets anyone?) and although no one appreciates sports less than I do, I appreciate the story behind each t-shirt and sweatshirt. Yes, they all come with a unique story! It’s good stuff. I’m really into the story one behind the shirt featured here. Have you ever heard of the Chicago Duffy Florals basketball team? Well, now you have.

I always thought The Foxglove Studio just did insanely amazing florals but after yesterday, I realized they carry some fantastic apothecary items as well. I would have bought the bath salts for myself in a heartbeat…if I actually had a tub. Although I am still thinking about it just because they’re so pretty!

When it comes to olive oil, I’ve always been team Italy. Growing up, we had the most incredible olive oils imported from Italy and because of that…I have high expectations when it comes to EVOO (if you don’t know what that means, ask Rachael Ray). I never thought a Greek olive oil could come close to my favorite Italian varieties but Kolossos has proved me wrong. They make two varieties — the white bottle (mild) is more fruit forward while the black (robust) has more of a peppery flavor — and because I honestly can’t decide which I like better, I had to feature both!

Sometimes we just have to slow down and stop to smell the roses…but if you don’t like the smell of roses, thankfully there’s Remix by Giselle Wasfie and her incredible aromatherapy line. She’s actually the brains behind Owen + Alchemy’s Chinese Herbs featured here…so you know her own line is going to be solid too. And going along with the same idea as the herbs (depending on what result you want to have), you choose from a variety of #goals — focus, chill day or night, flow, or clear. Most “chill” products in this category focus on nighttime but sometimes we need to relax without falling asleep. And Chill / DAY will help you do just that!

Last but certainly not least, I can’t forget about CCF Loves / one of my favorite beauty brands out there (local or not!) — Town & Anchor. I’ve tried most of their products and I truly love them all, so I thought the Essential Regimen Set would make a great gift. A completely natural cleanser, toner and moisturizer for under $100? You can’t beat that! They’re also doing custom oil blends (which I did for my mom, my grandmother and my boyfriend’s mom for Mother’s Day this year…it was a hit!) so that’s another cool option to give. And who doesn’t love anything CUSTOM?!

Do you have any favorite local brands you’d love to give or get this year? Did you check out HoliDose over the weekend? If so, what did you get? (for yourself or others!) Any other local love you want to give? Let it out in the comments!

Image via Dose Market 


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  1. GLOVED Chicago! I bought a pair of fingerless gloves in a lovely ginger color. I absolutely love them. My friend got a pair of the same in a natural gray. I also have a pair I bought two years ago with fingers that I can not live without. Gorgeous fabrics, really well made…always get noticed and compliments. I cant say enough about my fetish for Gloved Chicago gloves. For me, that was the highlight of a great Dose Market!

  2. I can’t believe you missed the Gloved Chicago booth! I also, bought a few pairs, amazing patterns. I travel abroad and haven’t seen anything like them! Lets not forget Lifetherapy organic body scrubs and creams. Karl’s soups and the poems while you wait! Another great Holidose! xxx

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