When you think of a clutch, the shape that typically comes to mind is a rectangle…right? (unless your favorite designer is Jil Sander, and in that case you’d probably answer lunchbag or triangle). Whether it’s a pouch, an envelope clutch, or a wristlet…odds are it’s rectangular (or in the case of Charlotte Olympia, a toucan).

But if you’re looking to change things up in the handbag department and be a little more well-ROUNDED then you’re in luck.


This is the ideal shape if you’re looking for something that’s more interesting than a rectangular clutch but not as crazy as a bird or a lunchbag. I love that so many designers have started making round bags and clutches because no matter what color, material or size you’re looking for (see: tiny Tory Burch vs. enormous Margiela), it’s easy to incorporate this circular accessory into your wardrobe.

Need some more ideas? Then look no further.

Photo via koo.im


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