Getting Comfortable

When it comes to getting dressed, comfort wasn’t always my number one priority. I thought “anything for fashion,” “I don’t care how high the heel,” and “I know it’s not my size but it’s 50% off so I’ll take it.” And one day it just clicked. Maybe I can still look put together without faking my way to five inches taller and in pants that make sitting down a daunting task. With trends like boyfriend jeans, oversized everything and flat shoes, it’s clear that designers are on the same page. So, THANK YOU FASHION. My feet are forever grateful.

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Street style photos used to only consist of high-profile editors in Oscar de la Renta gowns, binding heels and 20 pound beaded Balmain jackets but now it’s extremely common to find some of them (especially models) dressed in sweatshirts and sneakers. And they even look better than those who are super dressed up. When you feel comfortable, you’re more confident in your look (although I wouldn’t take it so far as wearing pajamas out of the house…there is a happy medium). If you’re uncomfortable, you come off as uncomfortable and it’s hard to have a good time when your feet are actually burning from your heels (trust me, this used to be the story of my life) or you can barely move in your dress.

I could not be happier with this more comfortable direction fashion has been going. From skinny to boyfriend jeans (and loose pants in general, especially in the silk and leather varieties), from fitted knits to oversized sweaters, from platform heels to flat everything (boots, sneakers, loafers, etc), from structured coats to the largest ones you can find and my personal favorite…sweatshirts and sweatpants (which you have to be careful with…you don’t want people to think you’re going to the gym when you’re not)…it’s time to get comfortable, ladies. Consider this my formal thank you note to the fashion industry (mentally written with a Lanvin pen).

Here’s a look at some of my favorite comfy pieces right now. But I want to hear from you…are you happy trends are moving in this direction or would you rather suck it up for fashion?

Image via La Modella Mafia

5 comments on “Getting Comfortable

  1. SO thrilled with this direction! I’ve always dressed for comfort and it being in style makes it even more comfortable. I happily purchased a massive, cranberry colored 60’s jacket at the Modern Vintage Chicago market a couple weeks back. It has actually made me excited for winter – how is that possible!?

  2. Well, in my “anything for fashion” days I would describe myself as being 5’7 on a good day. For me it was all about the heels. I’m 5’2, so with all of my friends being taller, I felt like the odd man out. In fact, anything less than a five inch heel was a 9 to 5 shoe. However, now that flat footwear is more stylish, and I can pull it off all while being comfortable. I go for comfort. BUT, I’m not saying there aren’t some days were you won’t catch me on a good day, at 5’7. Lol!

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