Currently Obsessing Over: Markus Lupfer Sweaters

Having a variety of sweaters is important during this time of year, especially in Chicago. But how many black and grey ones can you possibly own? You have to spruce it up sometimes, and Markus Lupfer does just that.

They’re random. They’re weird. But I can’t help but obsess over them.

Photobucket Bananas sequined merino wool sweater

Photobucket Lara Lips merino wool sweater

Photobucket Handbag sequined merino wool sweater

And for the ultimate “ugly Christmas sweater” (even though the holiday’s over)…

PhotobucketWreath sequined merino wool sweater

What do you think of these Markus Lupfer sweaters?

3 comments on “Currently Obsessing Over: Markus Lupfer Sweaters

  1. i think these sweaters are nice but im still not convinced about the patterns on the front! Haha they look nice and warm though.

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