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If you’re crazy like me, there’s nothing that compares to the thrill of owning something before anyone else. So this, and my love for Dana Rebecca jewelry are combining forces to bring you today’s very exciting post…

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…which looks like a continuation of Friday’s post but is actually completely unrelated.

I’ve been a big DRD fan for quite some time now and one of my favorite classic styles is Sylvie Rose. What started as a simple small bar necklace has turned into a full on collection of its own: a medium bar necklace, a long bar necklace, earrings,Β stacking rings, a coil ring, a bracelet, a skinny cuff, and now they’re introducing a new Sylvie Rose item to the collection.

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The long Sylvie Rose bar ring is not even out yet and because Dana Rebecca is so awesome, they’re giving ChiCityFashion readers an exclusive chance to own one…before anyone else! Yes, you get free DRD (which is the best giveaway ever) plus you’ll have the brand new addition to the Sylvie Rose collection before it’s even available.

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Not a bad deal, right? So here’s what you have to do to enter.

1. Like Dana Rebecca Designs on Facebook
2. Like ChiCityFashion on Facebook
3. Tell us how you’d wear your Sylvie Rose long bar ring in the comments section below

Bonus entry for following @ChiCityFashion & @DanaRebecca on Instagram (we post cool stuff, promise it’s worth your while) and really showing us how you’d wear your DRD.

This is how I wear mine. How would you wear yours?

 photo DanielKelleghan-1019-2.jpg

We’ll pick a winner on Monday, July 15 at 5pm CT. This person (maybe you?) will get to choose any of the black diamond styles of the Sylvie Rose long bar ring (in white gold, rose gold or yellow gold). If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then black diamond’s are a girl’s best bad ass friend.

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Is this not the best Monday ever? I hate to say it but…I told you so.

**UPDATE 7/16: CongratsΒ Katie Duthaler…you won the DRD long bar Sylvie Rose ring! To everyone who entered, thank you so much for participating. This is the most amount of Β action any of my giveaways have ever gotten so that’s pretty cool. And as my gift to you, be on the lookout for an exclusive discount code (for 20% off any of the long bar Sylvie Rose rings) once they launch on August 7. You’ll have to be a CCF subscriber to receive it though πŸ™‚

Sylvie Rose ring courtesy of Dana Rebecca Designs

91 comments on “Best Monday Ever

    • I would love to wear this Dana Rebecca ring with my Sylvie Rose necklace, my husband works in the fine jewelry industry and recently started carrying Dana Rebecca at his store; Moyer Fine Jewelers in Indianapolis, it would be so fun to wear this before it hits stores and show everyone what is soon to come from the amazing Dana Rebecca!!!!!

    • In love with DRD!!! My husbands work in designer jewerly his store just started carrying DRD I would love to wear this ring all the time!!!!!

  1. The yellow gold Sylvie Rose long bar ring really would match my every day outfits perfectly (florals, subtle patterns, stacked bracelets), especially with my usual bright colored nails during the summer!

  2. Outfitted in a Sandro galaxy tee, leather pants, strappy sandals, and a matte graphic black and white manicure, the Sylvie Rose long bar in gold would top off as the perfect Ladyfinger bling.

  3. I’d stack the rose gold with black diamond between my rhodium/diamond and rose gold/diamond sylvie rose bar rings I already own!

  4. The yellow gold & black diamond Sylvie Rose would look killer next to my my black leather PS1…. Which Chi City Fashion inspired me to purchase.

  5. I like to mix glam and sporty- I’d wear it with my isabel marant etoile rob tee (,default,pd.html), zara pants ( and my dana rebecca Lauren Joy necklace. And a fabulous pair of shoes of course- my Zara silver laminated heels.

  6. Absolutely love DRD! This would be the best addition to the mix of gold and silver jewelry I wear daily. I definitely would NOT save this for a special occasion! It is too gorgeous not to wear for ALL to see! Perfect for boho casual days or sleek cocktail nights!

  7. I would choose the rose gold cause I don’t own any rose gold pieces or any black diamond jewelry as a matter of fact. I’d wear it to work. I work at a high end hair salon in Naperville. We have to wear all black so this would be a lovely addition to my hand! I’m a mom and my husband and I don’t have much money to spend on jewelry for me so this would be so special to win! Xoxo Leila

  8. I’d probably pair this ring with something unexpected – at first I was thinking leather skinnies but now I feel like that’s too predictable. So I think I’d pair it with a full skirt – maybe the silk faille one from Tibi in cobalt blue? – a silky Equipment blouse (white and sleeveless) and my great-grandma’s totally dope charm bracelet.

  9. I never leave the house without rings on my fingers! Rings complete the outfit and my edgy style would work this ring in Utah! I have so many friends that would love this and share my passion for rings. You could wear this type of ring with everything and I love that! Such a beautiful piece that I would love to add to my obsession of rings!

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  11. I’d pair the rose gold Sylvie Rose bar with a rose gold watch, stacked with my black diamond band. Perfect for day time work wear (shift dress with leather accents) or a night out (patterned shorts), rings are by far my favorite pieces to mix and match with – and no one does jewelry better than DRD! Dana Rebecca has been on my wish list for far too long, and I drool over the FB and instagram uploads daily.

  12. For me, this ring would definitely be a bada$$ everyday piece to pair with my entire wardrobe! Probably wouldn’t ever want to take it off, especially since my boyfriend surprised me last Christmas with the Sylvie Rose yg bar necklace! I am loving yellow gold right now so I would choose the yg bar ring and pair it with some other simple rings. I would rock some thin gold knuckle rings to really make the look pop! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway, you definitely made my Monday!

  13. I would rock the sylvie rose gold long bar alone-bad ass and simple! And obviously it would go great with everything and anything, it’s DRD!!

  14. Maybe I’m boring but I would wear mine on it’s own on my middle finger…maybe add a nice bangle. Mgreat giveaway….I love DRD!!! πŸ™‚

  15. I adore DRD and this new ring is fabulous!! I would pair it with my rose gold Sylvie Rose diamond ring that I wear daily as one of my staple pieces! My Birthday is July 16 as well so winning this amazing ring is the best gift I can think of getting!

  16. As a young teacher, I would wear the yellow gold long bar with black diamonds. My kids love a good fashion statement! Plus, they would constantly see the stunning piece because I would be pointing to the whiteboard, smart board, or something on their paper. In other words, they would see it constantly, and you would get more business. πŸ™‚

  17. I’d wear my Sylvie Rose ring to the Nordstrom’s sale this weekend and pick out a new outfit. Something this new and fun deserves its own wardrobe.

  18. I’d wear this ring for all occasions. It would go perfect with my dress for my friend’s wedding in Italy!

  19. I’m obsessed with all three, but would especially love the white gold version! I think I would keep it simple and wear it alone on my right hand-middle finger so it really stands out! Love DRD and Chi City – thank you!!

  20. SWOON– I’d love for this black diamond ring to be my first DRD accessory! I’d style this on my right hand, ring finger; this ring would be a perfect reminder of my inner ‘bad ass’ and would symbolize the strength to let go, and the patience to always wait for what I deserve (-: Who run the world? GIRLS.

  21. I’d rock my rose gold Sylvie Rose long bar ring stacked with my short Sylvie Rose short bar ring, a pair of leather shorts and a white eyelet equipment top. Feminine with a little bit of edge. Love DRD!

  22. The long bar ring is amazing! I’d let it be the center of attention on my hand and accent it with whisper/first knuckle rings. All the Dana Rebecca designs are gorgeous, love them all!

  23. A big fan of Dana Rebecca jewelry! Have been coveting the bar line as well…especially the earrings and rings. Since being out of grad school (and finally have a paycheck!) I’ve been trying to upgrade my jewelry collection to include chic pieces that I can wear time and time again. This ring would be perfect! I love mixing and matching different medals and the rosegold ring would be the perfect addition. So really…I’d wear it with everything πŸ™‚ I’m also currently awaiting the very improant left had ring. For about the left hand ring! I’ll just get myself a gorgeous right-hand ring! Yay to strong independent women! Thanks so much for the great giveaway and providing us chicago girls with a great blog!

    Brie (BrienneLee on instagram)

  24. I would wear it with my Sylvie Rose necklace! I wear my Sylvie Rose necklace everywhere I got and get so many compliments! I could only imagine how much better it would look with the matching ring!!

  25. I have a wedding coming up in August and I’m a bridesmaid. There are 5 other girls standing in the wedding and I want to make sure I am the most fashion forward BM, by far. As we allll know, BM dresses are not always the easiest to rock, but I AM POSITIVE with a Sylvie Rose long bar ring in yellow gold my confidence would be through the roof! Happy to send pics post wedding. πŸ™‚ xx!

  26. Such a great giveaway! Love DRD and the Sylvie Rose collection. I would wear the yellow gold long bar with black diamonds both on its own with layered bracelets or fully stacked with other dainty silver and gold rings. I think it’s the perfect way to add some glam to everyday outfits.

  27. I can’t even begin to describe how much I am obsessed and in LOVE with DRD! She creates the most simple, feminine, elegant, and timeless pieces. Plus what girl doesn’t love a diamond every now and again?!!! Right?! I have a black diamond Sylvie Rose necklace and this Sylvie Rose long bar ring will match perfectly with my necklace! I would of course pair these 2 together along with a few other simple rings. My friends know me as the accessory queen, and I am not going to lie…I LOVE jewelry and all things that sparkle! I would wear this ring day and night and as much as I possibly could! I would rock it so that everyone can know who and where I got it and of course I would tell them all about the awesome Chicityfashion blog that they need to follow! Please pick me to win this ring as I would be forever eternally grateful and the happiest girl this world has seen! Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway! You rock! πŸ™‚ (fingers crossed) xo…..

  28. Any one of those rings would go great this summer with an amazing sexy white dress with rockin stilleto heels. Dana Rebecca jewelry is gorgeous. Just getting hip to these beautiful rings and figured why not enter the contest

  29. I have a double finger ring nameplate – I would sooo love to see this stacked under it and it would look like my name is underlined!? πŸ™‚ Talk about stackable jewelry.

  30. LOVE THESE! I would wear the white gold long bar on my middle finger with my diamond and black diamond rose gold sylvie rose stacking rings I already own on my ring finger. I’ve been dying for a third DRD to join my collection and I think this is just the thing to shake my rose golds up a bit. Would wear everyday with every thing, nothing tops off an outfit like some DRD sparkle!

  31. I’d wear my Sylvie Rose long bar ring paired with a denim top, leather skinny pants, a silver metallic pump and a fierce mani. I like the juxtaposition of wearing something as fabulous as black diamonds with something as casual as a denim top. Adding my Julianne Himiko and Lauren Joy mini wouldn’t hurt either πŸ˜‰ #everydaybling

  32. my birthday (july 13 πŸ˜‰ ) outfit of this coming weekend (given I have DRD on my fingers already) consists of the following: cobalt blue rose jacquard pencil skirt, with white loose t-shirt crop, white Brian Atwood Linscott pumps on my feet, and Sylvie Rose long bar ring in rose gold on my freshly manicured fingers. OH, and my newly purchased leather baseball cap…a chicityfashion inspiration moment, IF I can pull it of as artful as her. fingers crossed. #withblackdiamondsihope.

  33. i’ve been dying for a DRD piece and i think this is the perfect intro piece. what i love about this ring is that you can wear it casual or dressed up. i’d rock this ring with a simple jeans and white tee with other statement jewelry. for a dress us occasion i’d let the ring do the talking and keep my other jewelry very simple. this ring speaks for itself!

  34. Hello there! I am following you both on FB and on instagram. I love you both! I asked for the DR Sylvie Rose earrings for my birthday (which is today) and the ring would compliment them perfectly. Next weekend, two of my best friends are coming to town to help me celebrate my birthday…and the Sylvie Rose long bar ring in yellow gold would be the perfect compliment to my outfit…and thanks to CCF’s reco, we are going to check out the Dec Rooftop Lounge! I would rock the ring with my matching earrings…my new Zoe Karssen t-shirt, black and white printed pants and my “Briana” ring…because some people think wearing jewelry with your name on it is tacky…but I know better:)

  35. I’d wear that rose gold ring with my cute Biggie Smalls We Go hard in brooklyn shirt with my neon bright ankle skinnies and converse it brings some ghetto x diamonds to plan in for fun and you need a fun ring to bring already blazing fun outfit! and whats better than white gold to really set it off? – thank you xx

  36. I would wear it on my wedding day (July 27th) on my right hand! It would go perfect with the Sylvie Rose necklace one of my best friends bought for me as a wedding gift (which I am wearing down the aisle too!). Plus, my soon-to-be hubby’s ring is white gold with thin strips of black diamonds on the sides, so it would be so fitting!

  37. Wow, what a sick giveaway. I have a wedding coming up this fall that’s black tie, and I always wear cooler and more modern jewelry when I have to wear gowns, to balance the seriousness. So I’d probably wear with my black, floor-length bridesmaid dress.

  38. I love DRD jewelry and this collection is my favorite. I would wear the long Sylvie Rose bar ring alongside of my wedding ring! I think it would give it a great look that you don’t see on everyone and I like to stand out and be unique! Thanks for doing such a great give away!!!

  39. I love Dana Rebecca and have been wanting a piece of her collection ever since it has appeared on this blog. Personally, I would wear the ring as an accent for any Friday/Saturday night outfit. It will honestly go with everything!

  40. I have been drooling over DRD pieces for forever! I follow both via fb as Shelby Skaggs and ig as Glitter and Gingham!
    The ring goes with just about anything, but I would love to let it stand out with a simple tee, destroyed boyfriend jeans, and some amazing shoes!

  41. Love the rose gold! I’ve been coveting Dana Rebecca designs for a long time and this ring would fit in perfectly with my wardrobe! All black, pops of color… It will go with anything! My wedding band is rose gold and I would love to wear it on the opposite hand to compliment it.

  42. A slick mani on my ladyfingers with Chanel “Vamp” would be my first priority. A few gold, delicate midi rings to accent but not overwhelm the rose-gold Sylvie Rose to finish the details on my hands, with a beaded emerald green maxi skirt & linen biker jacket to complement Sylvie Rose’s demure-meets-badass personality.

  43. I almost forgot about the giveaway!! Man, I would have hated myself…. I’ve been admiring DRD from afar for a while now. Sylvie Rose collection is by far my fave.
    I actually styled a whole outfit and took a picture but it looks like there is no way to upload for you to see so I will do my best describing it. πŸ™‚

    black skinny jeans, leopard print blouse, Tom Ford sunnies, Tory Burch flats, Purificacion Garcia handbag, Michael Kors watch, a couple of vintage Ettika bracelets, Jennifer Zeuner wishbone necklace and that’s about it. The new Sylvie Rose long bar ring would fit right in!

    following on facebook and instagram and twitter. (@hockey_maria)

    Thanks & Happy Bastille Day!

  44. liked on FB and been following both on intsagram for a while! Would def wear the yellow or rose gold with everything! great give-away.

  45. I love the white gold bar ring with the matching white gold necklace that I currently own! I would pair this jewelry with a simple gold band ring or my wedding band ring, simple diamond studs and a rocker chic outfit of black leggings, oversize black blouse with a funky loud color tank under and sexy stud boots. Love love love this ring!!!

  46. I would wear my Sylvie Rose yellow gold stacked with great grandmother’s dove wedding band next to my antique Victorian sapphire ring circa 1880 (all on my right hand). My left hand is for my Victorian emerald navette. All antique rings from Arrow and Anchor Antiques (instagram @arrowandanchorantiques). The Sylvie Rose black diamond small bar that lives around my neck needs a sister.

  47. I would wear it with something gilrie and fun! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? I would pair it with my other rose gold jewelry, with a fun, flirty dress!

  48. I would wear as an everyday right-hand ring in rose gold. I love unique jewelry, as my engagement ring is a pink sapphire surrounded by diamonds and hand crafted wedding band to hug the ring. Dana Rebecca Designs caught my attention on Khloe Kardashian’s instagram and instantly fell in love!

  49. I would wear the rose gold Sylvie Rose ring with my rose gold and silver Vida Fede bracelet and bing bang rose gold skull bracelet along with my rose gold and swarovski crystal hamsa bracelet. A pair of skinny jeans and pointy pumps along with a high/low flowing shirt complete the look. Do I love rose gold? Do I love Dana Rebecca Designs jewelry, especially the Sylvie Rose collection? Of course. The clean and beautiful design of this ring makes anything you wear stand out—casual to evening chic.

  50. The rose gold and gold versions would complete my summer looks to a T! I would be thrilled to get one on my hands! I like and follow all your accounts and love your design! Fabulous!

  51. I would pair the ring with my new sylvie rose bar earrings I just got. I love jewelry so much !!! I can’t wait to purchase more from your collection

  52. I would wear my black diamonds to match the yang in my persona and like a Boss! I would rock the white gold to complement my Sylvie Rose earrings! Hearts.

  53. So thrilled for this giveaway! Love DRD & Chi City Fashion and ESPECIALLY this piece.

    As an engaged gal with my wedding around the corner, I have many upcoming celebrations which require the perfect accessories, one of which would be the Sylvie Rose gold ring…

    I can just picture it for my upcoming bridal shower with a lavender Diane Von Furstenberg dress underneath a handcrafted white silk Azza gold-studded blazer (hey, cannot get much better than pairing two amazingly talented Chicago designers!) and finished with white Lanvin ankle strap sky-high pumps with golden heels. A perfect match.

    Sylvie Rose will then jet off to Las Vegas to shine up the night for my bachelorette festivities – it’ll be the perfect and best shining black strip in Nevada! The ring would deal just the right amount of finishing sparkle for obligatory glittery night-on-the-town outfits. A fashion jackpot!

    I’m a fan of Chi City Fashion & DRD on Facebook & follow you ladies on Twitter/Instagram! xxoo

  54. I am beyond obsessed with danrebecca jewelry. I wear my little Lauren joy necklace everyday and own it in 3 different colors. I also have the Sylvia rose small bar rings in 3 diff colors and wear them everyday. I would wear this ring with them to make it look even better! I have the bar earrings as well and many other cool earrings from her!! Your blog is incredible and I actually found out about it from following danarebecca on Instagram! Danarebecca is my favorite jewelry brand in the world and I would wear that ring everyday! My friends all compliment me on my jewelry and have now ordered from Danarebecca! I

  55. Just got the Lauren joy earrings, which i wear everyday, for my birthday and would love to expand my Dana Rebecca jewelry collection by having the gorgeous Sylvie rose bar ring- I would also be wearing it everyday! It’s timeless , beautiful!

  56. I would wear it basically everyday. I love the simplicity if the design. It could go from day to night easily. I’m thinking colored skinny jeans with a sheer oversized white top that’s belted with nude pumps.

  57. I’d hit pause on my stackable bangles and bracelets to ROCK my dana rebecca bar ring! Although, Friday night – I’d rock them ALL!

  58. Beautiful rings. I absolutely melt over simple jewelry. And what’s better than simple? Adding a twist of elegance and bad ass-ery with the details of black diamonds. I’d live to wear this ring with some slim rose gold bangles to top it off!

  59. The rose gold ring would go perfectly with my rose gold sword necklace that I got from Lisa Bevere. I’ve been looking for a match for the necklace for a long time and the rose gold and black diamonds are PERFECT!

  60. I am the biggest accessory junkie, and this Sylvie Rose long bar ring is TO DIE FOR. This can definitely be dressed up or dressed down. I see myself wearing the ring paired with my two favorite mid rings, tarte deco nail polish by essie, my long maxi microprint dress, and wedges! My collection of jewels would be complete with this beaut of a ring!!

  61. black diamonds and rosegold is always the match made in heaven. I am never without rings on my finger but this particular ring would totally go well with my flamboyant summer wordrobe.

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