Clutch vs. Pouch

Have you ever looked in that glass case at Neimans and wonder why those tiny McQueen clutches are a minimum of $2,000? Or Judith Leiber “bags” (more like figurines) can cost over $5,000? Although small in size, designer clutches do not come cheap. Contemporary ones can be under $1,000 (or close to it) and designer goes way beyond the $1k mark. So I have a secret to let you in on where you can get high end clutches for way less.


It all started with this 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch (thanks to The Cut for snapping this pic at NYFW). I was in love the second I came across it but because this collection was so unique and highly talked about, I thought it would be pricey. When I saw the price tag I was pleasantly surprised. Not saying it was cheap by any means, but very reasonable for such a large clutch. Then I started doing my research realizing this is not a clutch at all…it is a cosmetic case.

Just a few weeks ago I was browsing the Co Op floor at Barneys and came across this Alexander Wang clutch (seen here). Again, was not expecting it to be under $300 but lo and behold…it’s a pouch, and not a clutch.

So what’s the point of all this? If you’re on the hunt for a designer clutch but don’t want the high price tag, look for the zip pouches or cosmetic cases by your favorite designers. You don’t have to sacrifice size or style…and I promise your wallet will thank you. All of the ones I found below are under $600 with most under $300.



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