Happy bEARTHday

Happy Earth Day, friends (and if it also happens to be your birthday today then happy bEARTHday). To be totally honest with you, I’m not all that eco-friendly. My 12-year old 4Runner isn’t exactly a Prius, I do drink the occasional water bottle and I don’t bring my own bags to Whole Foods (shameful, I realize). So what can I do to fashionably contribute to Earth Day? I have a few ideas.

earth day fashion

Keep in mind, I’m no eco-expert. But with a little common sense of humor (for those who appreciate the Before and After category on Wheel of Fortune), here’s five tips for getting a little greener (although one will just make you spend green).

1. This one depends on where you live and where you’re going and it’s the most simple tip anyone can give — walk instead of drive (unless you have a Prius or even better, a Tesla). The weather is finally warming up, we’ve been hibernating for months so why not? If you have a meeting 8 miles away and have to look business casual, of course public transportation or driving would be ideal but if you think something is within reasonable walking distance then go for it. Just be sure to wear the right shoes (and with fashion getting comfortable and the sneaker revolution taking over, that shouldn’t be a problem).

2. Go paperless (especially if you subscribe to WWD). Although iPads will never replace physically flipping through the pages of Vogue or Elle you can still convert some of your subscriptions, bills, etc. to be paperless. As much as I love getting the WWD paper, it’s kind of a waste (plus everything is old news by the time it arrives) so the online subscription really is the way to go — it’s easy, saves some trees plus I get my fashion news within seconds.

3. Limit shower time. I know I sound unhygienic but hear me out for a sec. It’s no secret that clean looking hair is so 2010 (after all, there is a product that happens to be really popular right now meant to make your hair look “second day”). A quick body wash, clean up your hair every other day (and with the help of some dry shampoo, you can even go longer…yes, dirty hair can help the environment!), save some water, and help out this lovely little planet of ours. And I realize most dry shampoos are aerosols (not exactly eco-friendly) so I guess tip #3 totally backfired (unless you use this).

4. Shop used (sorry…”previously owned” I believe is the PC term). When you go thrifting or shop consignment, you’re either looking for a cheap thrill or that sold out Celine bag from two seasons ago that you’ll only find on eBay or a consignment store. This is all true but you’re also helping the environment by contributing to the “fashion recycling process” (a term I just made up but sounds pretty legit). Some of my favorite pieces I own were bought on consignment (plus I clean out my closet quite often) so I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad about my ’02 4Runner after all…

(ps. shameless plug but you can still shop some items from my closet on Vaunte, with all proceeds going to PAWS — they may not be focused on the environment but they sure do help a lot of pups in need!)

5. Buy Kenzo. This is the “spend green to go green” one (but it’s totally worth it because you’ll look good and save some fish). I realize sea things are trendy right now but Kenzo is the only one making them extra special. They teamed up with the Blue Marine Foundation and launched a line of t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories with the phrase “No Fish No Nothing” (which I thought was cool even before I knew it was for a good cause but now I have a few extra things in my cart if you know what I mean).


So yes, this is my attempt to be eco-friendly. I may not be wearing head-to-toe hemp, but this has to count for something right?

Do you have any tips for a stylish contribution to Earth Day?

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