Safety First

Because I tend to injure myself on a daily basis due to sharp jewelry, spiked shoes or other fashion items that could potentially double as a weapon, I thought I’d do a little soul searching to figure out…why do I wear these things when I know a Cynthia Rowley Band-Aid will be in my near future? And I think I figured it out.

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Although I do enjoy most things that are spiked  and studded (of course some designers can go a little overboard), I think subconsciously I like to wear at least one “intimidating” item a day. Not because I want to scare anyone (but if you want to see something scary, me dancing under the influence is quite the treat) but because I’ve convinced myself that if I wear these things, criminals will avoid me…and if they don’t, I can always use one of my many sharp items from my closet for self defense. I’ve admitted this to close friends before but never completely in public. So if you think I’m insane, I totally understand. But hey…safety first, right?

Think about it…would Cher have ruined her Alaia dress (who is a very important designer by the way) if she had a McQueen knuckleduster clutch or spiked Louboutins to defend herself? Absolutely not. The outcome of Clueless could have been completely different if Cher read this post before making a cameo at the val party (probably not, but it’s something to consider).

Enough about Clueless (although I could definitely talk about it all day) and more about safety. Of course, your best option is to be aware of your surroundings, don’t walk alone, carry pepper spray, and all that good stuff (especially important during Chicago summers)…but if you want to take it to the next level (and look good while doing it), this should do the trick.

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