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Like I mentioned yesterday on Twitter, I’m pretty sick of hearing about “fashion week” (even though it hasn’t started yet). Mostly because the words are way overused, especially by the people that say are going but actually have no purpose of being there. But let’s excuse my rant for the time being and break down the typical “fashion week survival guide” or “NYFW necessities” post. Because this isn’t your ordinary fashion week essentials feature…this really separates the fashion WEAK from fashion week. Get what I’m saying?


So you sleep less, party more  and drink a shit ton of caffeine…it’s like college with better booze and more expensive clothes. If you did it for 4 years, you can do it for a week. It’s not that difficult. But because people seem to make a huge deal about how  terribly exhausting this awful[ly fabulous] week is, you’ll find many fashion week survival guides that look like this.

PhotobucketBluePrint Green Juice, Mario Badescu Facial Spray, ReVive Eye Cream, Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids

Ground breaking, right? After doing this fashion week thing for 4 years, here’s what I discovered to be the real NYFW essentials.

PhotobucketMomofuku cookies, French Press coffee, Kate Spade gloves, Leather hat, Credit cards

While most people are dining on green juice and raw kale to stay thin during fashion week, I like to believe I do enough running around to [pretend to] stay “thin” and the one thing that always gets me through each day is a Momofuku cookie. The milk bar happens to be in my hotel (coincidence? I think not) and when time is of the essence, I’ve learned that cookies can be a meal replacement.

Room service is a wonderful thing. It can also be a dangerous thing (especially when offered 24/7). But to keep me moving, I make sure to have a French Press delivered to my door every morning while in New York to get my day going. I have to drink the entire thing to even last until lunchtime (AKA 4 shows into the day in fashion week speak) so this is one VERY important essential.

Because New York City taxis aren’t always eager to pick up a customer (one reason why Chicago > NY…sorry I’m not sorry), having some stand out gloves is key. Granted this only counts for the Fall shows in February, and having ironic gloves will probably not increase your chances of getting a taxi…but it’s fun to pretend though, right?

Every fashion week my hair has survived on blowouts, but I’m challenging myself this year to a blowout-free NYFW (I wanted to do a heels-free challenge but that just wasn’t in the cards). Because I’ll be washing my own hair this trip (which probably won’t be very often) a leather hat (or any hat will do…I guess) will be a must. It’s either that or dry shampoo. I somehow still have not mastered the art of  dry shampoo (it just always seems to make my hair MORE greasy) so a hat is the better option for me.

Last but not least…shopping is a big priority when I’m in NY (or just in general), so a freshly paid of credit card is pretty important. I’m always sure to call the CC company to tell them I’ll be in New York, so they don’t think some random is going crazy at Opening Ceremony and Bergdorfs. Of course, this is something I learned the hard way so I wanted to share my knowledge I could only gain from having a shopping addiction.

In conclusion, HAPPY FASHION WEAK ALL! (yes, it’s weak)

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  1. Yum…need a cookie, now. Love this!

    As for dry shampoo, I have the best luck with powders (Lulu Organics Lav/Sage is my fav). I find if I apply on my roots before bed, give a quick swipe with my fingers to blend (but not full on comb through) I wake up with awesome, non oily hair with a nice lift. Hope it helps! I loathe actually washing my hair more than a few times each week. 🙂

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