Food Pairings: Maude’s Liquor Bar & Marc Jacobs

As per request of many readers, I have officially decided to incorporate food posts as part of my blog. To put the fashion in ChiCityFashion I created a new category called Food Pairings where I pair each restaurant and meal with a designer. So instead of a complimentary Cabernet or a perfect Pinot Grigio, I choose Prada, Proenza or in this case, Marc Jacobs. So with that said…

After making a reservation over a month ago, I finally had the chance to eat at Maude’s Liquor Bar this week. The ambiance is dark, romantic and sophisticated but with a welcoming laid-back feel. The food is French inspired with a focus on seafood, but with a playful American twist. The menu is perfect for foodies looking for exotic offerings like foie gras, bone marrow, and escargot. Of course there are some simpler items like pomme frites, steak, and mussels.



So what did I eat you may be wondering? Well let me elaborate…


Let's start off with some bone marrow, shall we?


Mussels and can't beat this combo


Roast Farm of the best chicken dishes I've ever had


Only offering one dessert, it had to be good...Creme Brulee. Dig in!

So, where does Marc Jacobs come into play? He’s the first designer I thought of when I really took in the atmosphere, the restaurant’s aesthetic and the food overall. Marc Jacobs is a well known American designer who is also the creative director for one of the most famous French design houses, Louis Vuitton. His designs are sophisticated and tasteful but always have a subtle playfulness…just like Maude’s.


Marc Jacobs Spring 2011


Louis Vuitton Spring 2011

So wear your favorite Marc Jacobs dress and bring your Louis Vuitton Speedy for a delicious night out at Maude’s.

Runway photos:

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One thought on “Food Pairings: Maude’s Liquor Bar & Marc Jacobs

  1. Yes! Finally! This is a great first post in the series. I can’t wait to see how the concept evolves.

    Oh, and creme brulee is my all time favorite dessert. Bravo Jena!

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