Red Carpet Fashion: 2011 Grammys (Part 1)

I watched an hour of pre red carpet coverage, 2 hours of [somewhat painful] red carpet coverage and 3 and a half hours of the Grammys [which I enjoy enjoyed 20-30 minutes of] just to admire the fashion in order to prepare myself for this day. And this day is judgment day…so here we go!

Amber Riley in Ema Savahl

This is difficult because I love her, I love the dress, and I think the shoulder ornament attached to the necklace is genius. However, I hate all of this together. I know it’s the Grammys but it’s just too much.

Ciara in Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 RTW

Although I thought this was Beyonce at first glance (maybe because I hadn’t put my glasses on yet) I did recognize almost immediately that this was look 2 from Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 RTW.  I loved this dress on the runway, I do love it on her but I do wish the hair was either shorter or in a funky updo.


Dianna Agron in Vivienne Westwood Gold Label

I do appreciate her trying to “edge it up” and really separate her character on Glee with who she really is, but she ultimately failed because she looks like Quinn desperately trying to be edgy. Black dress, black shoes, black bag, black nail polish, black earrings AND a smoky eye…it’s just all wrong.


Eva Longorio in Ashi

I can’t decide on this one. First of all, her legs look AMAZING and then I just get distracted. I love the skirt portion of the dress but I wish the top part wasn’t as ruffled but instead, more fitted. It’s all about proportion (especially when you’re petite like her) and the proportions here are just a little off. But hey, it’s Eva Longoria and she’s always gorgeous.


Florence Welch in Givenchy Couture Spring 2011

This dress is so her. It’s probably why Kelly Osbourne picked it for her to wear on the pre red carpet edition of Fashion Police, and I’m glad it worked out because I love this on her. This was a stunning collection and I kind of wish Florence wore one of the avant garde head pieces shown with these dresses. That would have left people quite confused, but I can dream though right? Oh FYI I hated the hair…you can’t let your hair air dry straight out of the shower and put on Givenchy Couture. Sorry.


Hayley Williams in Jeremy Scott

I think she’s part of some band I don’t listen to however I do appreciate some Jeremy Scott on the red carpet. His collections are always avant garde and always interesting and intriguing so I can’t totally hate on this dress. Judging solely based on the striking red hair, I can see this dress fits her personality so I think it works here. It’s the Grammys, you’re allowed to have fun (unlike the Oscars)…


Jennifer Hudson in Versace

I love this dress (even with the “mullet” hemline”) and I think she looks absolutely stunning. The shoes are great, the jewelry is perfect but like Ciara, I am just not loving that center-part, overly flat ironed hair. Otherwise, I have nothing else to say but GORGEOUS! (and I think I might start Weight Watchers)


Jennifer Lopez in Emilio Pucci

I am biased because I am not the biggest JLo fan. A lot of people loved this look last night and it appears to be great at a glance, but when you break it down it’s not so great. The dress is amazing, the shoe are out of control (in a good way) and the bag is gorgeous, but it is just way too much silver on one person. The bad hair extensions are also way too Miley Cyrus and I am definitely hating on the hair.


Jewel in Pamella Roland

I normally wouldn’t like this dress on anyone else but Jewel seems like a down to earth woman who isn’t all flashy, so I think this look works for her. She’s pregnant and it’s not easy to find a flattering dress when you’re expecting so this totally works. The jewelry, makeup and hair are all spot-on too.


Jordin Sparks in Zang Toi

I saw her on the red carpet before I had my glasses on and all I could think of is “What is this large red thing appearing before my very eyes?” I put my glasses on and saw it was Jordin Sparks in an ill-fitting prom dress circa 2003.


Keep your eyes peeled for part 2…coming soon!

Photos from Us Magazine & Just Jared


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