The Leather Jacket

Nothing says “closet staple” more than a leather jacket. They go with just about everything, one can instantly add an effortless and cool factor to any look and they can be worn as outerwear or as part of the outfit. You really can’t lose. So if you don’t currently have a leather jacket in your wardrobe or you’re looking to upgrade your current style, then you do not want to miss this…

best leather jackets for spring

Talking about leather jackets isn’t breaking news but it’s something I can recently relate to. Up until about four or five years ago, I never thought I could pull off a leather jacket. Granted, my style is constantly evolving but considering I dressed more feminine at the time, I just didn’t think it was in the cards for me. Then some time in 2010ish I walked into Intermix and they told me about this Veda leather jacket they just got in. I told them it wasn’t me but I’d try it on any way. It’s wasn’t a moto style (good for a beginner like myself), slightly cropped with no hardware — just one simple zipper up the middle. In the mean time, I’ve worn this thing to death (spoiler alert: I bought the jacket). I almost feel like it’s become a part of me (especially during this time of year — it’s at its prime use). Because I’ve had it for a while and I wear it so much, I noticed a few tears in the lining — nothing that can’t be repaired but I thought to myself, for someone who likes leather so much it’s odd I only own one leather jacket (the leather blazer and the leather poncho definitely don’t count). I’ve been thinking about giving a true moto style a try, which I did last week (Balenciaga to be specific) and I was into it. Then from afar I noticed what appeared to be a leather jacket with gold hardware (surprisingly hard to find). I thought I’d try it on (along with a few others) before I made my final decision. This is an investment piece after all — should not be taken lightly, like an impulse buy. In Seinfeld terms — yada yada yada, this happened…and we couldn’t be happier together.

the row, leather jacket

So that’s really all I have to say about my current leather jacket situation. So now let’s talk about you. There are so many ridiculously awesome styles out there right now (both real and faux) so if you notice a lack of leather outerwear in your closet, it’s time to change all that. From colors to styles and even price points, here’s quite the variety to get you started.


Images via Le 21eme & Barneys

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