2013’s Most Popular

If you’ve ever wondered what Instagram got the most likes this year or who had the most viewed fashion video, then you’ll want to pay attention.

2013 was good to the Internet and if this year was a popularity contest (which, isn’t it always?) and Google was handing out the awards, here’s what the superlatives would look like.

most popular pins, top pins 2013

[One of the] Most popular fashion pin[s]: Pinterest came out with a list of their top pins of 2013 (and this was one of the 20 in the women’s fashion category). I’d be curious to know exactly how this list was created because it’s clearly not based on likes and comments but hey, it’s a pretty picture and I can’t complain.

most searched brand, versace

Most searched high fashion brand: Versace. Apparently Migos and the Lifetime network have a heavy influence on Google searches.

top searches 2013, gucci

Most searched jewelry brand: Gucci. Not what I was expecting, considering they’re most known for their bags but hey…snaps for Gucci!

miley cyrus, most searched person

Most searched person: Miley Cyrus. Lesson learned? Twerking and one hell of an extreme makeover gets people quite curious.

 photo twerkgif.gif

Most searched “what is…” and most searched gif: TWERKING. So yes, people were not only searching “what is twerking?” (more than “what is molly?” “what is gluten?” and “what is Obamacare?”) the most searched gif was also TWERKING (or to be specific, “twerk gif”). Coincidence that twerking took home the gold for two search categories and Miley was #1 for most searched person (as well as #1 for celebrity break-ups, #2 for images and #5 for trending people)? I THINK NOT.

popular internet animal, grumpy cat

Most famous Internet animal: Grumpy Cat (good thing it’s not Miley’s VMAs outfit).

Most views on YouTube: “Gentleman” — Psy. 610 million and counting (38 million views the first day), which is no surprise considering “Gangnam Style” has over 1.8 BILLION…the most views any one YouTube video has ever had.

Top trending video on YouTube: “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” — Ylvis. With a mere 305 million views, this can only be considered “trending.” But let’s just say this SNL video makes a lot more sense now that I’ve seen the genius work of Ylvis.

Most viewed fashion video: Louis Vuitton’s L’Invitation au Voyage with 33+ million views. I was actually a little surprised when I saw the list of most viewed fashion videos on Fashionsita, only because I’d assume the ones with major celebs like Robert Pattinson for Dior and Brad Pitt for Chanel would have more of an audience. But leave it to LV and David Bowie to get people to watch.

most instagrammed place, bangkok

Most Instagrammed location: Siam Paragon, Bangkok. According to CNN, the top ten Instagrammed locations of 2013 are all in the US except for two…which are both in Bangkok (number 10 is the airport). I’ve never been to Bangkok but I wonder if it looks better in Mayfair or Valencia…

justin bieber, instagram

Most Instagram likes: Justin Bieber. When you have over 12 million followers, getting 1.5 million likes is going to happen eventually. Now did I think the Fresh Prince would do the trick? Not in 1.5 million years.

chicago fashion jobs, chi city careers

Most viewed page on ChiCityFashion: Chi City Careers. Had to get a few shameless plugs in here, right? Glad you guys are finding those J-O-B’s.

see jane blog, chicago bloggers

Most popular post on ChiCityFashion: October’s Chi City’s Most Stylish — Anna Jane Wisniewski. See Jane WERK.

chicago fashion, style blogger

Most viewed What Why Where post: Get It Girl. The one time my hair is straight…is this a hint, guys?

Any “most popular” wins you were surprised to see? What do you think should have made the cut?

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