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It’s been over a year since we first visited the fact that we might just be taking note from Kelly Kapowski and showing off our shoulders once again. Sometimes it takes a trend a while to get to fringe or flare status, and I think we’ve finally gotten there with the off-the-shoulder look. Don’t you?

off the shoulder

To touch on fringe and flares for a second…those are just perfect examples of how fashion works. We get a glimpse of fringe last summer, then it’s full blown (along with many other 70s references) for Fall ’15. Although it doesn’t seem like people are waiting until September to rock the look. Same happened with flares. They made a quick appearance in 2013…and now they’re everywhere. It can be a good thing or a bad thing when this happens…depending how you feel about the trend. Yes it will probably get overplayed, but if you love the look, then at least you have many more options (like we do now for the off-the-shoulder silhouette) when you’re shopping for said trend. You feel me?

Like many trends that resurface, they are done in a more modern way for a reason. Yes, Kelly Kapowski is a style icon, and those elastic ruffly off-the-shoulder tops haven’t totally disappeared, but there’s so many updated styles that you really shouldn’t have to revert back to a literal 90s look.

Along with hopefully avoiding the elastic and ruffles, I would also steer clear of what I like to call…last minute sleeves. They look like strapless tops or dresses where it’s so off the shoulder, it appears that the sleeves were a last minute addition. My only exception to this rule so far is TTH’s situation up top. Now THAT’S chic as F!

I suggest opting for the styles that are literally just off the shoulder, and no lower than that. They’re not called off the tricep, right?

Designers like Tibi and Rosie Assoulin are doing the off-the-shoulder thing quite well, but if you don’t want to invest in the trend, you can always look to Topshop and ASOS for solid options.

What’s great about this is that it’s flattering on just about everyone. If you hate your arms, you can hide them, but you can still show some skin up top while looking tasteful. Plus you can go super casual with this…

Or like all out fancy lady (which I did once…although not totally up to me). Now it’s all up to you!

off the shoulder dress

Whatever you do…don’t let me catch you in an off-the-shoulder jean jacket. We will have to have a chat. And it won’t be pretty (mostly because you’ll be wearing an off-the-shoulder jean jacket).

Oh and once again…#TBT

If you too want to show off those shoulders…


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