Possessionista Friendship Bracelets

Known for live tweeting The Bachelor and finding what celebs wore to Starbucks/running their “real people” errands, Dana Weiss of The Possessionista has found a new hobby for all of us to benefit from…making friendship bracelets.

With friendship bracelets being all the rage, Dana has taken hers to the next level. These colorful accessories are made with vintage vinyl records and howlite skulls or vintage trade beads. Another cool concept to add to her new venture? She sells them in an “online pop-up” fashion. Meaning, you never know when she will make them available and there’s only one of each kind. So you have to snatch them up while you can.

So how can you get your hands on one? Follow @Possessionista  and keep checking www.possessionista.com  to find out when they’ll be available. And when they are, buy 2…and maybe we can be friends 🙂

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