What’s That You’re Carrying?

As you may have noticed from past posts on ChiCityFashion, I seem to have a thing for weird t-shirts and sweaters. So it should be no surprise to you that I’m also into quirky clutches. How great is it to hold something that evokes the question, “What’s that you’re carrying? It can’t be…”


Yes, it is a handbag. In this case, an Olympia Le-Tan book clutch (you know, those things that sell out on Net-a-Porter within a matter of minutes). I of course enjoy these designs because they’re a little odd, but mostly because from afar you don’t know it’s a clutch…and it just looks like you’re walking around with a book, and in turn you seem smarter. It’s really a win-win for situation.

If a bag that looks like a book isn’t your thing, how about one that resembles a shrimp? A perfume bottle? Toucan? Why not play mind tricks with your peers and make them think, “what’s that you’re carrying?” They may keep the question to themselves, they might actually ask you but the important thing is…your clutch will be cooler than everyone else’s.

Photo via Honestly WTF


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