Red Carpet Fashion: 2011 Met Gala (Part 1)

It was so hard for me to choose my best dressed picks from the Met Gala last night because there were so many amazing dresses. This is why I think a follow up post (or 2) is much needed. These ladies were probably getting ready since 10am yesterday, so they deserve a little credit right?


Joy Bryant in Missoni

Joy is such a beautiful woman and I do love her in this Missoni dress (it’s kind of hard for me to hate anything Missoni) but it is a little casual for the Met Gala. I mean, it’s a gala…a long sleeve knit dress simply won’t do.


Kristen Stewart in Proenza Schouler, pictured with the designers Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez

As you all know, I LIVE for Proenza Schouler so I hate to say this…but this just isn’t working for me. I don’t hate the dress but Kristen needs to learn how to work the red carpet. She was getting better but she went right back down hill because she looks miserable here. You’re wearing CUSTOM PROENZA K-Stew…try to look a little happier!


Karolina Kurkova in Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

Never thought I’d find myself loving a “mullet hem” dress paired with lace leggings, but for the Met Gala it totally works. She’s a model so owning a look is her job…and she should get a raise because she is doing all sorts of good for Mr. Gaultier.


Isabel Lucas in Louis Vuitton

I am now sort of regretting not including this in my best dressed post, because the more I look at it the more I love it. The dress is a stunning color, the pleats are perfect, and that headpiece only works for this occasion and I find it quite beautiful. If anyone can find me that exact bag, or something very similar, please inform me immediately…because I must have it.


Crystal Renn in Zac Posen



Anna Dello Russo in Alexander McQueen

This is not what I was expecting from ADR, but I’m not totally hating it. She’s the Lady Gaga of the fashion industry, which is why the egg headpiece couldn’t be more perfect. She can wear anything, and do no wrong.


Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

Dear Taylor, thank you for not wearing your hair in those little girl crimps/curls, thank you for not wearing a short sparkly dress, and thank you for doing something DIFFERENT. I normally wouldn’t love this but it’s a step in the right direction so I must say…I’m impressed.


Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein

Love this color on her. She always kills it on the red carpet. However, this seems a little casual and safe for the Met Gala. She maybe could have pulled it off with some more statement accessories but the gold necklace is not enough to make the cut.


Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen

This dress fits her perfectly. The shoe pairing is a little unconventional which I always appreciate. I was expecting something more extravagant from SJP, but in fashion we are not allowed to criticize SJP so I will leave it at that.


Rihanna in Stella McCartney

I don’t really know what to say here. The dress looks amazing on her and I do love the colored earrings paired with it…but the hair is ruining everything. It’s what I like to call “the dragon braid” and when your hair is FLAMING RED, it’s just too much.

Photos: Tom & LorenzoThe Cut

3 comments on “Red Carpet Fashion: 2011 Met Gala (Part 1)

  1. 1. totally agree with you, Missoni knit dress on Joy is WAY too casual for the Met Gala

    2. Kristen Stewart always seems to be in a bad mood, even when wearing custom Proenza Schouler. To look that miserable in such a stunning dress is such a tragedy.

    3. I disagree with you on the Gaultier – I think it’s a mess. I really don’t like the white lace straps on the shoulders, it throws the whole thing off.

    4. “ADR is the Lady Gaga of the fashion world” – SO TRUE!

    5. SJP was so underwhelming but it completely worked for her. It’s almost like because we expected her to wear something extravagant, she went the opposite and blew us away in a nude beaded piece. Love it.

    6. Rhianna looks like Rapunzel.

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