Red Carpet Fashion: 2012 Golden Globes (Part 1)

Wow there were a lot of great celebrities at the Golden Globes tonight, right? You know what that means…LOTS of dresses to judge. There were quite a few trends on the red carpet including canary yellow, dark teal, blush tones (most of which were extremely unflattering by the way) and surprisingly…headbands. Were there any trends you were a big fan of?

While you ponder that question…here’s part 1 of the red carpet fashion from the 2012 Golden Globes.

Photobucket Jessica Alba in Gucci

Styled by the one and only Brad Goreski, I thought Jessica looked gorgeous in Gucci. Can you believe she just had a kid? I don’t know how celebs do it. They’re definitely magical creatures like that. Although the dress is a safe choice for the red carpet, you can’t deny that she looks amazing.

Photobucket Zooey Deschanel in custom Prada

This is just so hard for me to make a decision on. I love the idea of the dress and most of it is fantastic, however the lace around the neck and that awful hair is really throwing me off. Would love to get your opinion about this…

Photobucket Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta

I’m always hoping Tina will wear something decent on the red carpet, and for her this is….fine. I don’t know whoever said ruching is flattering because I’ve always hated it, and combined with the ruffles here it’s just not her dress.

Photobucket Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackerman

You know those things that “fashion people get” but the general public just seems confused about? I’m usually one of the people who gets it, but when it comes to Tilda Swinton…I don’t.

Photobucket Stacy Keibler in Valentino

Such a safe choice, it almost bores me. But she’s so beautiful it just bores me a little.

Photobucket Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

This is probably my favorite dress she’s ever worn on the red carpet. THIS is her silhouette and it’s definitely her color too. The texture at the bottom is amazing (and surprisingly photographs well) and this was obviously custom because it fits her absolutely perfectly.

Photobucket Shailene Woodley in Marchesa

Shailene, this is NOT your silhouette (mostly meaning strapless is not your friend).

Photobucket Sarah Michelle Gellar in Monique Lhuillier

Of ALL the dresses you have to choose from…THIS is what you go with. She said her kid picked it out for her (and clearly this child will not have a future in fashion) so hopefully she learns NEVER to listen to children again (at least when it comes to an outfit choice).

Photobucket Sarah Hyland in vintage Dolce & Gabbana

Was not loving the nude trend on the red carpet (mostly because it blended in with just about everyone’s skin tone) but in this case, Sarah does have a glow and it’s nice to have the black lace to break it up. She looks pretty but I’m not WOWed.

Photobucket Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 2012

She’s just been killing it on the red carpet lately so I really expected to be blown away. It’s definitely true to her style and she looks amazing, but I just hoped to see something a little more exciting.

Photobucket Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen

Love her. Not in love with the dress. Pretty forgettable…especially because it blends in with the carpet.

Photobucket Piper Perabo in Theyskens’ Theory Spring 2012

When I first saw this, I hated it. The more angles I looked at, the easier it was to come to this conclusion; great dress, wrong girl. I think she would have looked better in the original black version but this color isn’t her friend. And if she really wanted it to be her friend, she would have had some better accessories.

Photobucket Paula Patton in Monique Lhuillier

I do appreciate color on the red carpet, but this silhouette should never be made in this color yellow. It’s just a little too much (and that’s coming from me who lives by “more is more”).

Be looking out for part 2 coming tomorrow! And don’t forget to let me know your favorites of the night.

Photos via Entertainment Weekly

5 comments on “Red Carpet Fashion: 2012 Golden Globes (Part 1)

  1. Jena,

    We love reading your posts. Funny, clever, and interesting. Of course, having no fashion sense at all, I can’t speak to how good the commentary is. : ) But it is a new activity for Cecilia and me. She loves to look at the gowns and hear your thoughts. When I tell her there is a new post, she will be delighted.

    You have an admirer. One of many, I am sure.

    Your former teacher from way back,

    Mrs. Calise

  2. -Jessica was on the best dressed list for me, she looked like a princess
    -Zooey’s hair makes her look like she’s in 2nd grade
    -I didn’t think it was posible to look bad in Oscar. Tina should be ashamed
    -I think people pretend they get Tilda, but no one really does. I personally find her annoying, she never looks good in my opinion
    -Stacy looked gorgeous, her dress was safe, but pretty
    -Dark blue is definitely Sofia’s color, but does anyone else think her hair looks a little flat?
    -SMG, just horrid
    -Rooney Mara bored me as well.
    -That Zac Posen gown did not flatter Reese’s figure, but I want that voluminous hair!
    -I couldn’t agree more about that being the wrong dress, wrong girl for Piper

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