Shopping for Holiday GIFts

Every year, we’re bombarded with Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / But Wait What Are We Supposed To Do On Sunday? / Cyber Monday sales (as well as the blog posts about THE BEST of said sales) to the point where we can no longer enjoy our turkey and stuffing in peace. So I promise you, this isn’t one of those posts.

I’ve done them in the past. They’re great. But there’s so many gift guides and sale posts out there, do you really need another? Probably not. After all that discount overload, you could probably use a gif overload, right? If you did any online shopping in the last four days, it probably went down a little something like this…

1. Holiday excitement — you haven’t even thought about shopping yet…you’re just pumped that your one month to overeat has officially begun…and you can finally listen to All I Want For Christmas Is You (without judgement).

2. Thanksgiving — time to stuff as much food in your face and forget about all your problems (like your holiday shopping list for example)

3. Black Friday debate — eating time is over…do you leave those painful political conversations with your family to wait in line for some big box store where you know you may or may not get run over by shoppers who are just as insane (if not more insane) than you are?


4. Then you remember you’re not insane and this is actually how you shop…

 photo 4.gif

5. Go back for seconds (and maybe thirds….who am I to judge?)

6. Watch the news the next day and feel so great about your decision to stay home.

7. Read any blog or website and realize everyone is having a sale right now.

 photo 7.gif

8. Shop ’til you drop [your credit card in the crack of the couch because having leftovers for breakfast prevents you from moving any further].

9. Unleash mayhem on computer — how many times can you click “add to cart” in an hour? You don’t want to know my answer…


10. Success (because you know you bought a few things for yourself too…)

11. And when you accomplish all of your holiday shopping without ever even standing (let alone in a line)?

I’m not going to lie, I got about 90% off my holiday shopping done just yesterday (going to pick up a few things in person so I can support Small Business Saturday but just not on a Saturday) and I feel damn good about it (see numbers 10 & 11). Decorating is next on my list (and maybe the 10 steps of holiday decorating in gif form shortly after?)

Did you do any holiday shopping this weekend? It’s not over yet so utilize those sales while you can! Although the Shopbop one ends tonight (one of my favorites), sites / stores like Net-a-Porter, Forward By Elyse Walker, Nordstrom and Barneys still have their seasonal sales happening, which brings me to the fact that…

Nothing on my wish list this year is on sale. WHY?!


Image via Vogue, Gifs via Giphy

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