No Laces? No Problem

You’ve heard me complain about sneaker wedges in about 80% of my posts that have been written since Marant decided they would be a thing, BUT that doesn’t mean I hate all sneakers. Converse Chuck Taylors (a classic), Saint Laurent leather sneakers (a new classic) and now things seem to be moving in a different direction in the sneakerverse…a slip-on direction.

No laces? No problem.

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-10at82543AM.png

I have never really been a sneaker person but I was never into flats all that much either until I discovered the Jimmy Choo loafers (which I wear to death, literally…they are dying). I actually bought these Givenchy slip-ons (seen above) to relieve my Choos, then I started to see this style of shoe available in a ton of different colors and prints by various designers. Almost immediately, I had one of those lightbulb-above-my-head moments. Why not discuss the slip-on phenomenon on ChiCityFashion? BUT OF COURSE!

Now you might be like “Really, Jena? These look like Keds…or Vans…irrelevant in 2013, don’t you think?.” I totally get it (even though I still kinda like both). But sometimes, it’s fun to make a revival happen, especially when it’s updated in a cool way. Did you ever have black lace Keds or glitter Vans? Probably not (if you did, you must have been a baller kid). But with designers like Givenchy and Michael Kors, the slip on sneaker world has been taken to another level. And I don’t know about you, but I’m totally on board. Laces are overrated anyway.

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